View Full Version : Our new website: Southwest Ultralight Backpacking

Will Rietveld
2003-03-22, 22:59
Sgt. Rock: we are really impressed with the quality of your website; truly an excellent job.

We have recently developed our own website, called Southwest Ultralight Backpacking, and have included a link to your site.

Here is a link to our site: http://users.sisna.com/swultralight/

The Southwest Ultralight Backpacking site is focused on the Southwest US, which is our stomping grounds. We were getting a lot of requests to give presentations in our area, so we decided to put the information on a website to share what we know and make it easier to access.

We invite the users of your site to check out our site and give us some feedback. I would assume that UL backpacking is a bit different in the eastern US compared to the Southwest, but there should be a lot of ways we can trade ideas.

Best wishes to all.

Will Rietveld

2003-03-22, 23:04
Is there a link?

Edit: Ahhhh now theres a link ;)