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2003-03-23, 07:31
Hello in camp. Just found this site and being a hammock camper, decided to post what has worked for me. I use a double layer tropical hammock (from brigade quartermaster, actiongear.com) although I do have a couple of net hammocks and also two homemade fabric ones. For a tarp I use the kelty noah 9, rigged diagonally.

For insect netting I sewed my own and consist of 3 1/2 yards of black netting (available in the bridal section of the fabric shop) folded in half, the edges sewed to form a large bag. The edge of this bag is hemmed around a length of shock cord. At the bottom of the bag I cut a small hole in the middle and attached a small nylon tube with drawstring. The top support rope (head end) of the hammock is passed through the small hole and the draw string drawn tight. When in the hammock, the netting is pulled over the hammock (the netting surrounds the hammock) is pulled down to approximately my waist and the bottom snugged up with a cord lock on the shock cord which is hemmed in around the edge. This may seem like an excess of netting, but it is light and simple. It can also be removed and used separate from the hammock setup, if wanted. It is stored in a stuff sack which is open on both ends (with draw strings) which the head end support rope is also passed through so the netting can be stuffed in the sack without removing it from the support rope.

My most recent purchase is a kelty lightyear +25 down bag (long). One interesting feature of this bag is that it has a zippered opening at the foot of the bag for ventilation. This allows me to run the foot end support rope of the hammock through this opening. I now hop into the hammock and pull the bag up and around me and the hammock. Like the insect netting, the sleeping bag surrounds the hammock. I have three small loops sewed at the top edge of the hood of the bag, one in the center and two others about 9 inches on either side of the center at the edge of the hood. On the center loop I have a short length of shock cord and a mini-biner attached. I clip this to the head support rope once I pull the bag up and around me. A small length of cord can be passed through the other loops to help secure the top of the bag around my head. This setup is much easier to get into and eliminates the problem of having the insulation of the bottom of the bag being compressed. I have only experimented with this setup in my basement so far but will field test it soon.