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2010-05-06, 18:34
Hello SGT hope your family and you are doing well.

I found this and thought that I'd post it for all you fire nut's. It's called a Swedish log candle (http://www.ehow.com/how_5044912_make-swedish-log-candle.html). I'm not where I can try this out right now but I will first chance. Seems simple as can be and reportedly burns for hours. It could be taller than in the article possibly giving a longer burn time. It looks like it might even hold the pot or pan if use for cooking. Perhaps I can get a first hand report on it from users here, before I get a chance too try it myself.

"Sailingsoul's Winter Heaven"
For winter camping, I'm thinking a coil of copper over the top (maybe half inch tubing) that would connect to two soft hoses away from the fire. Now take the the soft hose and intergrate that into your sleeping pad, in your hammock. Run it back and forth, going from the shoulders down and back to the copper coils over the log. Because the pad is higher (not above the log) the heated water in the copper will rise, flow through the tubing and mat, back to the coil. A thermosiphon circulation should be established, so it will circulate without a pump, as long as the return line is routed to go lower than the coil than up to it. That will determine direction of flow. Imagine winter camping with hot water heating for hammockers. How cool, eh, hot is that? :captain: SS

2010-05-07, 00:26
Looks awfully heavy to hike with... :wink:

2010-05-07, 18:00
Looks awfully heavy to hike with... :wink:

The log or the chainsaw, Dix?

2010-05-12, 00:52
Interesting! If you hike with a small bow saw you could cut one of these on a smaller scale. Kind of a nature's firepan. I'll have to try this

Hog On Ice
2010-05-12, 10:20
hummm - looks like it takes a fairly large log but still something that could be cut with a longer pruning saw like the 21 inch Corona Pro that I use for blowdowns - the question I have is whether it would work if the log was just split then wired together with some small spacers to separate the top end of the split log - another possibility would be to split the log then partially bury the butt end wedging the log's pieces together with rocks or other logs - if I was cooking on it I probably would go with the wired together approach unless I had some sizeable rocks to hold the splits together - for the wired approach I was thinking of two coat hanger wires as twist ties - one near the bottom and one a few inches above the first

2010-05-19, 21:03
Hmm... burning stump.

I thought the fire was out...

The internet says people in Sweden do this...


I have never lived anywhere we are allowed to burn stumps.

We have to uproot the stump, get a burn permit, and burn the uprooted stumps in the designated place on the burn permit.

In fact, I gave up on that and I use, instead, a biological paste that rots the stump.

2010-05-19, 22:04
I wonder if you could use a nail file to cut the log and make the cross cuts. That would fit in a UL backpack....

2010-06-03, 09:34
A nail file might work with a sapling.
You could use a tealight tin as your pot.

2010-06-03, 09:39
Seriously though, the idea might work up here. It would be safer in some ways than a campfire on the ground. You could carry a small bow saw blade, and two nails, and then make a bow saw from a curved branch by cutting a slot in each end and hammering the nails through to hold the blade. Get the length right and bend the bow to give the blade some tension.