View Full Version : Hammock Bliss Ultralight Travel Daypack

SGT Rock
2010-05-18, 13:07
I just added a review for the Hammock Bliss Ultralight Travel Daypack.


2010-05-27, 12:40
Interesting item. Would an internal hydration sleeve help or hurt, considering the weight of water. I love the ability to sip water without breaking stride. For dayhiking I use a Marmot Walkabout - 10L and holds two Nalgies. Like an external frame pack, I don't notice the weight as it is riding on my hips. The best thing I like about lumbar packs is not having a sweaty upper back.

SGT Rock
2010-05-27, 19:48
I don't know. But the weight would be all on your shoulders.