View Full Version : Orders are in

SGT Rock
2003-03-24, 22:57
Well, I knew the day was coming and it is finaly here. We got our deployment orders and time line. Of course the particulars ain't for publication, but I can say this: I'll be in country before next weekend.

I'm suspending stove orders and if I talked about a link for your site on mine, sorry, I don't have time. I plan to spend all free time (what little there is) with my wife and children. The site will stay up and my wife is available if you have some problems she may be able to fix.

I don't know how long I will be gone, but what keeps me going is the thoughts of the great friends I have made through this site and the WhiteBlaze. If you want to send me mail or something, I will put up an address once I get it. But most of all, keep hiking and enjoying life, don't start wringing your hands and worring too much about this war, like all things it will end.

I'll keep my head down, and y'all keep yours up.