View Full Version : Swiss army shirt front pockets?

2010-05-22, 23:57
This probably falls under "common knowledge but no one thinks to ask" but eh, here goes.

I've seen a lot of hiker vids on packing, they wear the swiss army style shirts with 2 chest pockets, but completely ignore them. They stick quick items like snacks, sanitizer, radio in the backpack and leave the front pockets empty.

I know the best answer is "whatevers practical" but I figured I'd ask if anyone here wears those and what they stuff in the front, if anything?

Also, the left pocket usually has a string loop for clipping something to. Is there a traditional use for this like a watch or something?

2010-05-23, 02:04
Never heard them called Swiss Army Shirts, but for years I wore a buttondown fishing shirt similiar to this - I didn't keep much in the pockets while hiking the AT, though I always kept a compass in the pocket when climbing/bushwhacking in the DAKS.


2010-05-23, 06:29
i would think the pockets would be useless under the shoulder straps/sternum strap of a pack....?

SGT Rock
2010-05-23, 06:44
That was what I found when I tried a shirt similar to that. I found pockets on the waistbelt or shoulder straps of my pack to be much easier to use.

2010-05-24, 23:07
I keep my trail map in one. Straps didn't bother it.