View Full Version : IRC channel

2003-03-25, 09:18
would be cool to have one, depending if people here use IRC to chat and such, just thought it would be a nice addition to the forums

at least on quakenet and enterthegame I could try to get a channel up.

you think that is worth a try ?

or is there something alike already ?

2003-03-28, 16:19
CB, Sorry SGT Rock hasn't had time to respond to this, but I know you understand why.

Seems like he said something about this somewhere on here, but I can't recall where or exactly what. I think for now if folks wish to chat with each other there are many IM programs out there that will do the job much better than anything we could set up here. Also I wouldn't even begin to know how to implement something like that myself. (I really need to learn this software...lol)

Its a nice idea though. :)