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SGT Rock
2003-03-25, 09:43
If there is a hiker out there that feels he has the time to help admin this site with my wife while I'm deployed, please post or e-mail me. I hope to get this done soon so I can set up e-mail for the webmaster stuff as well as access to the control panel and a run down of the software.

2003-03-25, 12:40
Sorry, I'm neither qualified nor capable, and I'm going Thruhiking. But I'll expect the Sargeant to be back in command by the time I reach the big K!

SGT Rock
2003-03-25, 13:10
God I hope it is that short.

2003-03-25, 13:25
Sgt. Rock,

I would be willing to help but I will let you know that I do not have any experience with maintaining forums. I would be willing to help since I do not plan to hike much this summer, maybe one or two weeks at the most. However, since I do not have any experience I am sure others would be better than me, but if needed I would consider it an honor to help with anything I can or learn to do.

Do you have a port call yet? or any expected date? I can only imagine how difficult it will be for your wife, but I do know how difficult it is for you.. Since I have been there, done that, however, I did leave the wife, I did not have any kids at the time I was leaving, which I am sure must really be a "bummer".

At any rate, I wish you the best and I for one, want to thank you for serving this wonderful country of ours. We are not perfect, but it is still by far the greatest country on the face of the earth, and these people that want to run her down, should go live in some of the others for awhile. OH well, don't want to get on the soapbox here, but I do thank you and everyone else that is serving for the rest of us.

I would be glad to help with the forum, if I can..


Ed (Never Alone)AT99

PS. By the way, I asked you a few months ago about a place known as Sand Hill there in Fort Polk. I was mistaken, I did check some old letters my wife had kept, and learned that Sand Hill was in Fort Benning, but since I was at both places for training, I got the two confused. I had basic at Fort Benning, and Jungle AIT at Fort Polk.. Great training but would not want to live there... ha ha..