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2003-03-27, 13:04
I'm off to Amicalola tommorrow morning for my AT thru. I loved the site, even if my soda can stoves never worked properly:rolleyes: Again good luck to Sargeant Rock, and good luck to Dixicritter putting up with all these hiker bums!:D

2003-03-27, 15:36
Good luck, and Godspeed!

On somewhat of a tangent, why is it that few thru-hikers start from Katahdin and finish at Springer? Obviously climate and latitude is the major factor, but then you could start in Maine later in the season and end up in Georgia while the weather was still good in the fall.

2003-03-27, 16:03
You have to wait till the end of bug season, and it's still hot and buggy, so I assume, on top of the fact that the north is supposedly a butt kicker if your not ready, even if your an athelete, if you don't have mountains to climb it's tough to prepare. I'm sure a little "can do" attitude will get you through but I'd rather have nice cool weather and an easier start. Maybe if I were a year round hiker, and not a midwestern hiker wannabe.

2003-03-27, 18:50
redbeard, i know you'll have a great hike. hope to run into you on my way south. - chief