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Ranger Rick
2003-03-28, 05:34
Hey Guys & Gals,

For quite awhile I’ve been reconning and sitting on the sidelines monitoring your forum. And I have to say.... this is one of the best outdoor forums on the net, I love it! Great stuff, lots of interesting poop, my compliments to “Sgt Rock” for putting this site together.

And so from time-to-time I plan to contribute some of my own outdoor tips, tricks and ideas to this forum and “suck up & absorb” some of ya all tips too. But because I’m retired [military] and live here in Italy, well, there’s a bit of a time difference. And so I hope ya all understand I may not be able to keep up (time wise) with your forum topic, but I’ll try my best.

And so in talking with Sgt. Rock thru private e-mails, he said I can let ya all know about my website called “The Ranger Digest.Com” at: www.therangerdigest.com. And so if you have a few minutes, com’on by and check out some of my tips, tricks & ideas, which I guarantee ya won’t be disappointed.

In fact, here’s what I’ll also do. If you’re interested in purchasing any of my products... 20% OFF ON EVERYTHING! Provided you DON’T order via Paypal and you send your order in along with a copy of this message attach to it.

Be advised this special offer is dedicated to Sgt. Rock, so if you wanna thank someone, don’t thank me, thank Sgt. Rock for allowing me to offer/post this special deal on his website/forum.

Which by the way... Hey Top, you take care of yourself, ya hear? Watch out, not only for yourself, but for those guys & gals too. Let'em know the folks back home here are behind them 100% and we know they will prevail and topple Sic-Dam and his thugs.

Well thanks for your time and in allowing me to become a part of your forum, I look forward to communicating and sharing some tips with you. Take care and “God bless America and our US Armed Forces. Hooah!”

Ranger Rick F. Tscherne

US Army, Retired (1972-93)
Author, The Ranger Digest Series (I-IX)
Developer, The SOS Necklace
Owner, The Ranger Digest.Com

2003-03-28, 12:18
Howdy, Ranger Rick! I look forward to checking out your site.

You're a lucky one to be living in Vicenza -- DA civilian job? I spent a week on leave there last September freeloading off some friends and enjoying the heck out of the area. Even did some great hiking on the trails in Cinque Terre. Next time you stop by the JAG office, say hi to my buddy CPT Bailey Brown.

2003-03-28, 12:36
p.s. Some great tips on your site. I second the idea for the poncho liner sleeping bag -- mine has served me extremely well during the milder months. I don't have a zipper or a head hole for mine; just bought two poncho liners and had a friend of mine who could actually operate a sewing machine stitch them together on the short side, all the way up one long side and 3/4 up the othe side. Has worked like a charm ever since.

2003-03-28, 13:09
Ranger Rick

Good to have ya here... your site is good (been looking at it for a few months now I guess) and your books are better.

It really cheesed off some of the Drill Sargeants when I used a few of your tricks in Basic :D :D

As for using the poncho liner like you recommend... Ive found it invaluable! (usually as a dual layer sleep system and using debris for extra insulation ala Tom Brown Jr) Ive used it for years like that and I noticed that at least one professional outdoor equipment manufacturer has adopted the concept for some of their ultralight gear.

2003-03-28, 16:16
Welcome Ranger Rick. Nice to meet ya.