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2003-03-28, 15:04
Walking the Appalachian Trail by Larry Luxenberg, 1994

Stackpole Books ISBN 0-8117-3095-6

Anthology of a number of people's experience on the trail. Unfortunately, this group of experiences does not record the input of many of the stars of hiking... Lots of people are mentioned, but many of the people who shaped hiking over the last 15 years are missing.

Not a word about JR Tate. Not a whisper about Ray and Jenny as an awsome hiking couple.

3/5 in my book. Read everthing else about the AT you can get your hands on. If you are still hungry, try this.

It does have some very nice color photos in the center pages of the book.

2003-03-29, 02:22
Rick, I sent you an email quite a while ago re: some books I have for you to read. Got no response so I sent a private message thru this site but it hasn't been picked up yet. Are you still interested in borrowing the books I have?