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ouachita hiker
2010-06-21, 13:50
I just thought I would post, this being my first here, that the Eagle Rock loop is officially closed. This is due to the damage caused by the flash flood, made national news, on 6/11/10. This flood also took 20 lives in the Albert Pike campground. From what I have read locally there are downed trees every were and also huge debris piles. I do have a contact in the FS office that I call for updated info and I will pass it on here. The plans are to hopefully open the Athens Big Fork trail and the Little Missouri trail to hopefully the Little Mo falls area first, hopefully soon.

2010-06-21, 14:27
How soon is soon, I was looking forward to taking some people on that loop in the fall if it didn't get completely destroyed, is there any realistic hope that it could be opened and clear by then, or should I look for another loop.

ouachita hiker
2010-06-21, 14:31
As far as the loop goes don't expect it to be open anytime soon. The flash flood not only took out sections of trail, conjecture on my part am waiting on a damage report, but we know for a fact that it took out whole sections of road and most of the bridges from the Little Mo Falls to Albert Pike. Also caused land slides. I plan on calling them back in a couple of days to check on the progress.

ouachita hiker
2010-06-21, 14:33
I didn't answer all of your post, sorry! I would hate to tell you this but
I would start looking at some other trails. I don't think it will be clear
but as soon as I know I will post.

ouachita hiker
2010-06-25, 10:48
Ok I just got of the phone with Mt. Ida office of the FS and this is what is officially open:

The Athens Big Fork from the South Trail Head to the North Trail head
and the Little Mo trail to the Little Mo Falls trail head. The Viles Branch
Trail from the Little Mo Falls to the Viles Branch Crossing and the Viles
Branch Trail to the junction of the ABF are CLOSED. No word of when it will open.

2010-06-25, 10:59
If you go out there, take some pictures of the damage and post it up.

ouachita hiker
2010-06-25, 11:14
I will be in the Caney Creek Wilderness Sat. morning to do just that check on the damage there. This is overseen by a different FS office. It is out of Mena. The ERL is overseen jointly out of Glenwood and Mt. Ida ranger districts. I had started a effort to help maintain the ERL just this past spring and had started doing work on it. We had cleaned up 8 miles of trail when the flash flood hit. A real bummer for us. I have been working on the trails in the Caney Creek Wilderness area for 3.5 yrs. No one has gone in there at all and the Shady Lake campground, very near both areas, had gotten 11 in. of rain! I full expect to see trees down on the trail.

SGT Rock
2010-07-01, 22:06
I've very interested in seeing how bad the flood has damaged the area. I've had a hard time getting my mind around a 20' wall of water going through that campground.

2010-07-01, 22:16
I was sure thinking about it last weekend when I was camped 3 some odd miles from the nearest road, in the Chattooga River Gorge, and some storms tried to blow up late in the afternoon.

2010-07-01, 22:46
In case of a flood you could have stood on Hooch's shoulders. That would have gained you another three feet! :ahhhhh:

ouachita hiker
2010-07-02, 04:51
As far as Albert Pike goes from what I have been told by those that have been there it is like a ghost town. A friend from Lufkin, TX that was on the trail at the time had his truck parked in the backpackers parking area at the trail head near the rest rooms at Albert Pike had his truck totaled and it had two feet of mud on the inside. The place is a mess and they, FS, cant or won't say when it will be open again. It is anybody's guess when the trail will be open.

SGT Rock
2010-07-02, 10:00
Did it damage the water crossing or do you know?

ouachita hiker
2010-07-02, 19:43

I don't know about the crossing but check my new update..

ouachita hiker
2010-07-02, 19:44
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Debbie Ugbade
July 2, 2010 501-321-5327


HOT SPRINGS, AR -- Albert Pike Campground will remain closed until further notice. However, most trails in the area will be reopened beginning Sunday, July 4.

According to Caddo/Womble District Ranger Gloria Chrismer, “A portion of the Little Missouri Trail will be closed from Road 512 to the Road 106 by Albert Pike Campground. People can detour around the closed section by hiking east on Road 512, south on Road 73 and west on Road 106.” Chrismer continued, “Notices will be posted with maps showing an outline of the detour area.” Also, the Viles Branch Trailhead on Forest Road 2106 and the south end of the Athens Big Fork Trailhead on B23F are accessible by foot travel only.

Emergency repairs are being completed on many roads in the area; however, for public safety, some roads and trailheads remain closed to vehicular traffic including:

• Road 73 from the junction of Road 43 to Road 512
• Road 512 from the second water crossing to ½ mile east of Road 38
• Road 106 is closed from Loop A access road to Albert Pike Campground for 2 miles west
• Winding Stair Trailhead and Viles Branch Trailhead on Road 2106 will remain closed to vehicular traffic
• Road 2106 from Highway 369 to the Viles Branch Trailhead
• Road B23F East of the Athens Big Fork Trail
• Road 99 is open; however, a barricade is in place at the junction of Road 73

Assessments have been conducted with estimates being compiled to address the damage that was done to the roads in the Albert Pike area due to the flooding on June 11, 2010. Some of these roads will remain closed until repairs can be done. Many roads remain closed and are planned for reconstruction. “We encourage drivers to use caution on all forest roads, and to be alert to possible road damage as a result of the recent flood,” said Chrismer.

Personal property scattered by the flood in and around Albert Pike has been recovered and is being processed in an effort to provide the opportunity to be identified and claimed by the owners. Albert Pike Campground will remain closed to all day use and camping due to extensive damages that resulted from the flood.

“With the upcoming Independence Day Holiday weekend, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of those impacted by the Albert Pike Flood. As we continue to reflect on the recent tragedy that occurred at Albert Pike, we encourage forest visitors to take every precaution to keep themselves and their families safe while recreating on the forest,” said Forest Supervisor Norm Wagoner.

Other recreational opportunities in the area include: Shady Lake Recreation Area, Bard Springs, Crystal and Big Brushy Campgrounds. To find out about other recreation opportunities on the Ouachita National Forest, information is available at www.fs.fed.us/r8/ouachita or www.fs.usda.gov/ouachita.


Debbie Ugbade
Public Affairs Specialist
Ouachita and Ozark-St. Francis National Forests
(501) 321-5327

ouachita hiker
2010-07-02, 19:58
I would like to add that I was sent a PDF map of the closed and detoured trails and roads. I would be glad to fwd. it to anyone if you will email me. triggtom1@yahoo.com

2010-07-27, 07:47
I'm curious if anyone has an update on this. From what I understand, the campground is still closed, but the trails that make up the Eagle Rock Loop are open (save one section near the campground).

I was also thinking of hiking there this fall. Any update on the damage?


SGT Rock
2010-07-27, 07:57
I would imagine you could road walk around the closed campground some of the way. Not sure if you could still loop it.

ouachita hiker
2010-07-27, 08:15
From my study of the detour map that the FS put out the detour starts from the bridge just north of the campground to some were south of the campground. It looks like you will actually walk thru, on the road, Albert Pike. Doesn't look like it is to far. As far as damage to the rest of the trail I just don't know. You still can't drive that section of the road. It is closed.