View Full Version : Possibly an EVA/silnylon mat underthingy?

2010-06-26, 06:44
Strapping something like the Exped Multimat (http://www.exped.com/exped/web/exped_homepage_na.nsf/0/D7CBFA0F31C9C4D0C125767E00705EC1?opendocument) under a hammock... Do you think it would work?

2010-06-26, 20:10
Could work. You would need some cold weather to try that one out.

2010-06-27, 04:28
Would it work on its own, without another pad inside the hammock?

It got down to +6*C last night, is that cool enough for trying things out?
(I have to order the multimat before trying anything anyway.)