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2003-03-30, 23:44
:o Exhausted but still excited to be leaving, my male friend and I set off for a three day in the GSM Nat. Park. Leaving on a friday after work, we got to the trail head @ about 5 and hiked until dark. Upon dark fall {make note, this experience is recounted from my days of no knowledge of ultralight}, we began unpacking for the night, and under the kitchen sink I found to my surprise no tent, and in it's place a baby possum. Never will I understand how a possum got into my pack, or what possessed me to leave the tent at home:confused: , but it was an interesting, tentless three days.;)

2003-03-31, 14:24
I'd vote for fire ants, or maybe snakes, snakes, but you didn't put our picnic friends or ol' Mr. Noshoulders up there.

Rage in a Cage
2003-04-08, 21:53
I probably would have voted for snakes also if you had put'em there. An ocassional lizard in the sleeping bag has made for some rude awakenings also.:D

2003-04-08, 23:46
None of those even comes close to waking up with a slug trail across your face!!! LOL Streamweaver

2003-04-13, 21:50
No question. The critter that I hate in OK and AR is the racoon. Pesky anytime food is involved.

2003-06-04, 20:02
Ringtails and ravens--smart and sneaky.

2003-06-10, 23:48
Ticks. Anything else I can deal with, but I hate bloodsucking critters. I've never had to deal with leeches, but I'd probably hate them even more.

2003-06-24, 18:56
Anything that makes me itch - ticks, mosquitos, poison ivy/oak/sumac. I can stand critters and enjoy seeing most of them, even snakes. That's why I go out into the great wilderness, to experience her in all her splendor (except itchy things).

2004-07-18, 21:19
I hike primarily in roadless wilderness areas(I live in eastern oregon, go figure)
The greatest threat of all FIRE.
40 Dig. slope, 17+ miles either way by trail,and cut up mountain rainges with ridges at 8000 ft, the Grand Ronde river at 3200, and you can see it from my camp.
Fire I say, and I say run.

2004-07-28, 11:51
Nobody mentioned skunks!

2004-07-28, 12:28
ticks are probably the most dangerous because of RockyMtnSpottedFever.
coons are by far the most annoying. skunks are easy to avoid, so are possums.
I take that back- people are the most annoying!!
I grew up with snakes and there are only 4 to pay attention to- + snakes are clean animals!
bears are a pain because you have to deal with proper stowage of your food bag/container.
accidents are the greatest risk, especially if you're runnin' solo...
gotta be careful and pay attention...