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2010-07-11, 22:41
Hi all, I came across this forum while looking for outdoor/wilderness holiday destinations. Interestingly I noticed that this section for outdoor gear. By chance I run a review site for lighting equipment which might be useful to some. Feel free to check it out at http://Light-Reviews.com

Hope some of this info would be useful for dusk/night activities.

Big Mac
2010-07-11, 23:24
by chance?

2010-07-12, 10:36
I love my torches, but I think that they wouldn't be as good for hiking as a longer lasting flashlight. Being able to spotlight a deer at 100yds isn't something that I've needed while hiking...

SGT Rock
2010-07-12, 10:46
Cool site. I just got myself one of these: http://light-reviews.com/4sevens_preon_i/