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2003-03-31, 11:31
Hiking, A celebration of the sport and the world's best places to enjoy it by Cindy Ross

Fodor's Sports 1992

ISBN 0-679-02375-5

Cindy has walked all or most of the AT and much of the PCT. She shares thoughts of a single woman traveling the trail and also a great deal about a lifestyle of hiking much of the year.

Sections on hiking with babies were very well written and the first I had seen anywhere, though I know there are books devoted to the idea elsewhere.

I really enjoyed Cindy's artwork which graces the pages as well as her prose. The book lives up to its "celebration" subtitle.

Only negative is the inclusion of a large number of appendicies, much of which is now dated. This makes up the last 1/3 of the book.

A very nice read. 4/5 on my scale.