View Full Version : Update 1 April 2003

2003-04-01, 17:03
This morning I got the surprise of my life, when the phone rang at 5:55am waking me from a sound sleep. When I looked at the caller id it was the staff duty number here on post, and my first thought was "OMG what lady will this be about??" So I answered braced for some bad news, and who's voice do I hear but SGT Rock's. He called me while on a layover in Spain of all places. So far this deployment has seen alot of minor problems, planes in dyer need of maintenance, etc., but nothing major yet. For which I'm very thankful.

Anyway, he sounded great... like he has finally gotten some rest. He's already wishing he were home, and is just ready to get over there and get his job done.

I'll be trying my best to keep everyone updated as I get news from him.