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SGT Rock
2010-07-31, 15:34
I'm trying to plan a trip up to Baptist Gap in some of the off trail area in the Cumberland Gap NAtional Park area. It is a part of the Fern Lake Acquisition area. So far I cannot find any trail maps of the area.

Baptist gap is south West of the main part of the park on the ridge - it looks like there are some old roads that maybe go to the area. I'm looking to get there because my great, great, great Grandfather was there at the battle of Baptist Gap (more like a skirmish) during the Civil war. It is supposed to become a part of the Cumberland trail at some point in the future.

Anyone got a bone to throw me on this one?

Hog On Ice
2010-08-01, 09:37
I happen to have the Baptist Gap area on the edge of the Nat Geo Topo map software for Mid Atlantic USA. Here is a print out from that program that I have attached. Let me know if you need areas to the north, east, or south - can't do west due to being at the edge of the map

SGT Rock
2010-08-01, 14:28
Very cool. I may do that. This morning I found a website: www.MyTopo.com and ordered a custom topo done in MGRS of the Baptist Gap area east to the park. I'll see what it looks like when it gets here and determine its usefulness. If it totally sucks I may hit you up to get a map.

From what I can find on the Cumberland trail it looks like it only goes west a couple of miles from the Cumberland gap so it doesn't extend all the way over to Baptist Gap at this time. It looks like there may be some old roads that go that way though. I figure I can program in some waypoints on my old GPS and do some cross country travel to get there. I'm wishing I had one of these new GPSs where you could put the maps in the GPS.

SGT Rock
2010-08-01, 14:46
BTW, in case anyone is interested, I'm looking at 13-15 August for this trip. I may get my sons to come with me since it is family history. If others wanted to come out we wouldn't mind company.

SGT Rock
2010-08-04, 12:56
I just got my map in. Very nice, but defiantly a topo and not a trail map. I'm going to have to mark trails on it and highlight some features before I know if it will work for the trip.

2010-08-04, 14:27
...ordered a custom topo done in MGRS ...

cant escape the format....

I like MGRS, nice and simple.

Years of practice dont hurt either.

SGT Rock
2010-08-04, 15:13
Exactly the way I feel about it too. I've been eying those new Garmin Oregon GPS devices, looks like they have a way to scan in your own trail maps with them. But that is a lot of money for a GPS, especially considering I normally leave mine off until I want to verify I am where I think I am.

SGT Rock
2010-08-04, 16:06
I just got done putting the info on my map for the trails. Looks like it will be 4.5 miles, some of which the maintenance is in doubt. Water looks like it is 0.3 miles off on a side trail from the gap.

Looks like the weather is about what we have now - Hot and HUMID! That may put a cramp in the plan...

But tentatively I think the plan is to leave town about 1630 on the 13th and drive to the park to camp somewhere the first night. 14th hike from 0900 until I get there which could be 2-4.5 hours depending on conditions of the trail. Camp in the gap area that night. 15th hike back to the car and drive home.

SGT Rock
2010-08-04, 17:41
Upon further review, this trip will be put on hold until some of the heat dies off. For now I'm thinking Linville Gorge instead.

Big Mac
2010-08-04, 18:08
Sounds like a wise decision Rock.