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2003-04-03, 14:03
Rather than focus on the politics of war, Which I think ultimately every one agrees on. (by that I mean nobody wants a war, we just argue over the necessity of it.)

Anyway, I propose that we start planning the party we should have for Rocks return. We can make it a "convention" for the board on a weekend when we know he will be back and hopefully have as many of us there as possible. Just a thought. Like I said we should try to focus on positive things, and really, every one just wants this to be over as quickly as possible and have our soldiers home safe and sound in the end.


p.s. I am thinking ribs, beer and crawfish at this point. Surely we can come up with some vegan cajun for the more sensitive types who may be in attendence.

2003-04-03, 14:56
Good thought, Sundog. Do you mean a "real" convention or a "virtual" convention. I guess food only works at a "real" convention. Those of us too far away to join in the "real world" party can do so electronically.


2003-04-03, 15:50
Sundog, I really think that he'd love that idea alot. Either way a virtual or real life conference. Or even both..lol. I think you are on the right track here with this.

We have a great picnic area near a lake. Wouldn't want to swim in this particular lake but its a great gathering place. I know he'd love to see as many of his friends as possible.


2003-04-03, 17:09
actually a real one is what I had in mind. Thats why I want to start planning now. of course we could get a big projector and have an internet componant, I wonder If we could figure out how to webcast?

any way, just start brainstorming.



2003-04-03, 19:05
Oh I just think that would be so cool. Wish there was a way to surprise him with this, but I'm sure he'll read this thread when he gets home....lol.

I'm open to suggestions.

2003-04-03, 19:17
You're the admin, Dixi. You should be able to hide it if you really want to when he's on his way back.

2003-04-03, 22:43

Why yes I could couldn't I? lol.

If folks would really like to do this then when he's on his way back we'll get rid of this thread if that's ok with everyone else, and plan the surprise before he returns.

I know he cares alot about all his hiking friends he's met thru this and other boards. I truly think that he'd be touched to have a welcome home from as many of you as could come to one in his honor. I'm willing to set up arrangements for the place to have it, and any hotel reservations that folks might need help making.

Y'all just let me know what you'd like to do, and I'm here to help in any way.

2003-04-04, 00:01
I was thinking of tents and hammocks!!

assuming that its not august when he comes back. in that case, air conditioned hotels would be just fine. The big thing will be scheduling, I assume we won't have much warning about when he returns, or will we? I guess that is kind of an important question. what do you think? We would need to start a head count for people interested and available. I am thinking a friday-sunday "convention" with a welcome back party. we could organize lots of different activities with families to consider.

Anyway, as I said just brainstorming. whether it is a big deal or just four or five of us at an AYCE I think it would be a nice way to welcome him back, and a good roadtrip to boot.


2003-04-04, 00:14
Dixie, I assume that Sarge will have access to a computer somewhere, sometime and he WILL check on his baby so he will see this discussion if you wait too long! Maybe this should be done by e-mail and not posted here. Just an idea.:)

2003-04-04, 01:21
Some of us live too far away to participate in a "real" party, but would still like to be included among the well-wishers - So as you plan your gathering - keep an opening for those of us who will "virtually" attend. Just a thought.

2003-04-04, 16:07
Lugnut, I am fairly sure that his internet access won't be happening for quite a while yet. Also I doubt seriously I could keep this a surprise from him.

Sundog, forgive me I wasn't thinking about it when I mentioned hotels. Whatever was I thinking?? lol. I hear the Toledo Bend park is pretty good for camping and such. The lake I mentioned isn't, it's just a picnic recreation type area just off post here.

Canoeblue, I'm sure we'll have something for the "virtual" attendees, at some point. Maybe a separate conference would be best for that.

2003-04-05, 19:25
with laptops and cameras and some one who knows how to webcast I don't see why we couldnt think of something for virtual attendees.

What about my earlier question? how much warning will we get when he returns?


2003-04-05, 22:28
Sundog, I just don't know. I haven't actually heard from him specifically since Tuesday morning. I would hope to get some notice that he's coming back, but I just can't tell you how much that will be.

2003-04-07, 09:49
I think this is a marvelous idea! I would love to be a part of a welcome back for Top! Since I live in Pennsylvania, it would depend very much on timing. I'm a fur piece away, and my being able to make the drive would depend on how much time between our knowing his ETA and the get-together, and the demands of my schedule at the time, but count me in one-way-or-'tother.