View Full Version : Received my Hennessey Expedition today

2003-01-08, 19:10
UPS just dropped off my new Hennessey Expedition hammock. They are closing out the original Expedition and are letting them go for $89.00 -- mine is green with green fly -- they even included a set of their "snakeskin" covers. Great service and value for the dollar.

No, I don't have any interest in HH except for appreciating their timeliness, quality, and service.

Now I get to experiment with reflectors, pads, etc., too!


2003-01-08, 21:25
Sawheet! The hammock has changed my life! My hiking life anyway. Best trail side purchase I made. There was an article and a link on how to tie that durned knot, it's not that hard but the instructions you get can be deciphered many different ways. Ask around if you have trouble.