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2010-08-10, 16:50
Hey fellow Hikers,

I'm sry I haven't been on the boards much over the last year. I've been doing the whole "Back to school" thing. Which leads nicely into the reason for my post. I am taking a MicroBiology class, and have to do a report and presentation on a pathogen. I have decided to report on a 'bug' that may effect my life. (considering the title you have probably guessed) That's right I'm finding out as much as I can about Giardia Lamlia, The protazoan that causes all of the above named diseases.

I have decided to include a Myths + Legends portion to my paper, because I've heard some pretty fantastical tales of what this bug can do... but I'm sure I haven't heard them all. So, I was hoping the hiking community would fill in any crazy things they've heard about Giardia. Here are a couple of examples:
1. You can get Giardiasis from the little bit of untreated water on the lip of a bottle even if the rest of the bottle is treated
2. Every time you get Giardiasis it gets progressively worse... you are lucky to survive a 3rd exposure
3. Pets (Especially dogs) can get Giardiasis, and potentially pass it on to humans

(For the record 1&3 are true, 2 is false)
If there is sufficient interest I could also put my findings out here.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help

2010-08-11, 00:16
BTDT. No the ideal weight loss program.

For the record I am amongst the small percentage of the population that can take Flagyl and beer at the same time and not have my head explode off in a stream of vomit.

Thanks for puttin the info out.

2010-08-11, 13:41
Whatever you do don't let Flagyl sit on your tounge for very long. It taste of Death.....

I hate that stuff.....