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2003-04-07, 00:27
ok check out this link and tell me if you think this is real.


this has to be a joke. Right?


2003-04-07, 00:29
Ok, as I was testing the link from my message, I noticed that the date on the news bar at this particular site was april fools day.

So, now we know. not real. but still pretty funny.


2003-04-07, 08:53
what a cool idea! now all ultralighters can arrive at resupply points with zero weight. might as well arrive naked, we all know how much those pesky clothes weigh. just be sure all that edible gear is organic, vegan, the right color. wouldn't want to introduce all those poisons into yer bodies, offend anyone or dare i say it, eat some defenseless animal!

hehe, all things PC! - chief

2003-04-07, 10:11
Wow! That thing is hilarious! Whomever is responsible, has my vote for inclusion in the April Fool's Day Hall of Fame.

2003-04-07, 16:22
This is absolutely brilliant. A hell of a lot of work went into this thing - the little details are perfect. My favourite is their answer to the question: "Are animals attracted to equipment made out of food?" A great spoof of the ultralight community. Love it. Thanks Sundog for pointing this one out.


Pencil Pusher
2004-07-25, 04:59
Yeah, the did put in some good effort for this website. Where things started to go hokey was when I tried to order the backpack, I could choose from quite the quantity! The best part is, when you proceed to checkout it comes up with this reply:
Processing Error
Sorry. Due to unusually heavy server activity we are temporarily unable to process your order.

Options. You can either:

Save your order form and try again later;

Print your order form, tape it the back of a mental patient and hope that he/she wanders near our offices; or

Go away angry and frustrated.

Oh man, I checked on that answer to the FAQ posted above and here it is, effing hilarious:

Question: Aren't animals attracted to equipment made of out food?

Answer: No. Animals aren't stupid. Animals don't consider Edible Gear food. You on the other hand, are clearly smart enough to understand that weight saving takes precedence over everything. As you're choking down your sleeping pad just think to yourself how easy it'll be to heft that pack tomorrow morning with two ounces less weight.

2006-06-27, 08:10
Gotta have it! I'm looking for a mental patient to wander by their offices with my order, now!



2006-07-26, 20:38
Do they take Diner's Club Cards?

2006-08-02, 10:09
Tdaward....LMAO over your Advar....Same to ya!