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low branch
2010-08-30, 20:26
Hello to all. I did not see a good place to introduce myself, so I guess this is as good of a place as any. I am Low Branch and I live in Myrtle Beach SC. I did an AT thru in 07 and will be starting my first longer hike since then on 27 November on the BMT. I will not have a chance to do anything longer than this for at least 11 years and the overnight and two day trips are just not cutting it.

I bought Sgt. Rocks guide and I am studying every detail while I should be studying my classes for school. The guide is very informative and there is nothing I can say to make it better.

A little about me...I am a husband and father of three teenagers. I am a captain with Horry County Fire Rescue where I have worked for 13 years. While not raising my kids or working, I am studying for a BS in fire service administration and a minor in hisoty at the University of Maryland University College (online).

I have all of my usual suspect gear ready to go for this adventure except my Gregory G Pack, which is being repaired by them after 3000+ miles. I guess it needed a little doctor visit...

2010-08-30, 20:43
It's a great trail. Good luck.