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2003-04-07, 02:04
I was wondering if any of you has ever caught cryptosporidium, or knows how common it is in the northeast. I have been hiking with polar pure iodine for a while and recently found out that it doesnt kill crypto, should i worry about this?

2003-04-07, 08:36
i guess it doesn't hurt to be aware of these things, but i sure wouldn't worry too much. if the water looks funky, filter or treat it. if it looks good, smells good, then drink it neat. you'll be okay. i'm sure some of our resident experts will point you to all kinds of horror stories. take em with a grain of salt, they worry instead of hike.

Lone Wolf
2003-04-07, 08:54
Crypto what? Too much paranoia out there about spring water. I never have and never will treat or filter any water. MOST of the time it's not the water that makes hikers sick.

Zero Day
2003-04-07, 09:51
You might want to check this out if you can stand this much information.


2003-04-09, 15:32
Crypto is mainly self limited. It is only really dangerous if you are immunocompromised (i.e. cancer, HIV, congenital immunodefiecincies, steroid use, etc.)

I personally don't worry about crypto.
I worry more about Hep A, and Giardia.


2003-04-11, 11:06
ask the citizens of milwaukee...