View Full Version : Another,and last, ERL update!

ouachita hiker
2010-09-01, 16:31
This is from Liz Gross at the Mt. Ida FS office:

The Eagle Rock Loop is now open to hiking and biking its full length. The section of the Little Missouri trail between roads 512 and 106 has been reopened. Overnight parking for multi-day hikes is available at all trailheads except Albert Pike. Parking at Albert Pike is limited to day use (6 am to 8 pm) at Loops A and B. Loops C and D remain closed.

2010-09-01, 16:39

ouachita hiker
2010-09-01, 18:52
Yes it is! Now if they will get Albert Pike open to overnight camping. A lot of folks have started their hike from there.

SGT Rock
2010-09-01, 18:54
I didn't know you could bike the ERL. Learn something new every day.

2010-09-01, 19:50
I didn't know you could bike the ERL. Learn something new every day.

Its not a very popular bike trail since its rumored to be very difficult (ie not all that fun)

ouachita hiker
2010-09-01, 22:42
Some time back I saw some pics of some guys that rode the trail in something like 24 hrs. The trail ate their lunch! Also the Viles Branch trail and part of the Little Mo trail is also used by horses.

ouachita hiker
2010-09-06, 13:03
Just to let everyone interested in the ERL know that I was up in the area yesterday afternoon. I ended up picking up a hiker that had
one of his party severally dehydrated.
Well I picked him up at the Blaylock Creek Trail head and took him to his truck at the Little Mo Falls trailhead. In my discussion with
him on the way to his truck he said that the trail was in good shape. He had hiked approx. 3/4 of the trail. He said it looked like the
stream had changed do to all of the high water. What I saw was complete devastation. Lots of huge gravel bars on Blaylock and
the Little Mo. Some very big trees were in the middle of the stream on Blaylock. There was quite a few folks out on the trail.
We had just finished up doing some trail work on the Buckeye Trail and there was eleven trucks and cars in the E. Caney trail head
and on at the Buckeye trail head. Got a report from the fellow and he said his friend was doing fine though they had to take him to
the hospital, Tyler TX, for fluids. He said he will be back! I have pics. on the camera and I will try to get some posted in the next
couple of days.

ouachita hiker
2010-09-09, 22:54
Please note that the access road to the South ABF Trail head is still closed. That is FS RD. B23F east of the Athens Big Fork Trail. There is a big culvert that the road goes over and the dirt around the culvert was washed away. I don't know how long it will take to get this fixed.