View Full Version : Hennessy Deep Jungle Hammock...

2010-09-04, 22:45
At Trail Days this year Tom had this hammock on display. I tried it and really liked the feel of it, so Rock was going to buy me one. However, Tom being the great guy he is said I could have it if we did a review for him.

Well I slept in the hammock on a trail maintenance trip and do love it, but I suck at reviews. So Rock hooked me up with the following video review (which I ran the camera for...LOL).

Thanks again Tom for the hammock, I think it will quickly become one of my favorites.


2010-09-06, 19:55
Thanks for the review, Sgt Rock.

With this hammock's double bottom and the reflective bubble pad (and/or a closed-cell foam pad), do you feel like this could be a 3-season hammock without buying the supershelter system?

SGT Rock
2010-09-07, 06:50
I'm not a big fan of the Supershelter system, I know some folks are. I think it could be a three season system by either adding pads in between the layers or hanging a quilt under it.