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Bill Phillips
2003-04-07, 03:43
I haven't bought my HH yet... Has anyone tried a yoga exercise mat for warmth? They are sticky so you shouldn't slide off. They are flexable and a little stretchy so they should conform to the hammock. Though thin, they don't compress much. They are 24" x 70" x 1/4". They are fairly dense so weight might be a little high. But real world insulation factor might be good. A simple solution to sufficient warmth is my last ostacle. It can get coolish in the Sierras at any time of year;)

2003-04-07, 05:50
This could be a good idea. I like the width too. YOu probably don't need the full length. The lower part of the pad will interfere with the entrance to the hammock. You can sleep with one leg on top of the other or on you side. Compression isn't as big a problem in the legs. If you get cold just bend your legs for a second...

2003-04-18, 09:52
one of the reasons I haven't gone with Hennessy is because you get in through the bottom. I use a byer of maine moskito hammock. It was 35F last week-end and I stayed warm using a foam backed heatsheet under my full length ultralite thermarest. I sleep with a silk bag liner and used my GoLite Fur. It was very windy so I ended up using my GoLite Coal parka hood. I also prefer the covering capability of my GoLite Cave 1 siltarp to the Hennessy's..gee, I sound like a GoLite salesman..I'm not..anyway, the Cave kept me warm and dry in a 46F windy downpour last fall . I just pay attention to the wind and pray it doesn't change too much during the storm..

2003-04-18, 15:44
Guys, I'm going Big Agnes...The sleeve I made kept me worm but it weighed to much. I could make another out of silk. And may still do this, just to see if it works. Holding the pad in place the the key to staying warm in the hammock.

Big Agnes bags with the integrated sleeve for a pad seems like it would be perfect. I'm getting a Horse Thief for this summer!

Nico B
2003-05-15, 12:15
I went to Yosemite last weekend where the nights were getting down to 26*F. I have a HH with a pad that I made myself and a REI Subkilo. As long as I was on my pad, I was mostly OK. The Subkilo itself worked fine--it's definitely an underrated 20*F bag, and a I had on long underwear and a hat.

Problem was, everytime I rolled off the mat, I knew it. Big time. Wish I had known about the Big Agnes--I might not have had to worry about my sliding problem.

But I've been thinking--if I would like to continue using this setup in cold/very cold weather, I would need to be able to roll onto my side and have my bag roll with me. In the winter time I will often "mummify" myself and leave nothing exposed except my mouth (no condensation in bag).

So I've revised how I think I'm going to handle various seasons. The down underquilt plans given on Thru Hiker seem to be good for winter trips and during the spring and fall trips (summer too?) I'll have to use a pad.

The pad, which Tom Hennessy helped me to develop, works great but weighs too much (24 oz.) Anyone interested in a pad that is almost guaranteed to work can e-mail me at nbaaten@yahoo.com and I'll send them directions. It's basically a reflective windshield pad sandwhiched between another layer of foam on one side and fleece on the other. It works great, but it's heavy. I'd prefer to get the pad under 1 lb. (like, say, a High COP Mt. Washington pad) so that my sleeping bag/pad combo weighs no more than 3 lbs.