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2003-04-08, 12:22
Cool news...
My kids are off for spring break next week, and we had planned to visit Six Flags in Georgia for a little mini-vacation. It occured to me yesterday that Whittler should be reaching Klingman's Dome at about that same time (the 17th - 19th). Well, duh! We can go meet him instead and go to Pigeon Forge to visit Dollywood! I rearranged my reservations and booked us at a hotel in Pigeon Forge with an indoor pool for the kids :-). Whittler should be calling me today or tomorrow, so I can tell him the good news. I wish I could surprise him, but I've got to make sure we can rendezvous at the right time/place, so I guess that wouldn't be possible. Of course, this will mean that he'll have to take on whole day and two partial days off the trail, but hopefully, he'll go for the idea.

I am so happy that I didn't even cry when I made the coffee this morning, lol.

Thanks for listening,
Indoor Girl

2003-04-14, 03:26

I am beyond frustrated. I have been dealing with the excruciating pain of an abscessed tooth, then Saturday morning I pulled a muscle (actually, a series of muscles) in my lower back while trying to move a piece of furniture. I went to a doc-in-the-box today who prescribed two medications which knock me out as well as 7 - 10 days of bed rest and heat therapy for my back muscles (no, I really should not be up on the computer, lol). So anyway...my kids are off for spring break and I can't do anything with them, I have a bunch of very important errands to run, my house is a mess and I cannot work (and since I own my own business, I don't get paid when I don't work). I am pretty stressed at this point, particularly since I may have to cancel our trip to see Whittler, etc. I went through an angry period tonight while I was stuck in bed...the kids were acting up and I was too tired and sore to do much about it...I am so glad Whittler didn't call when I was in that mood, lol.

I guess women, or men for that matter, go through this every day, if their spouses are in the military or travel for their jobs, etc. Perhaps if I were more experienced at handling all of this alone it wouldn't be so frustrating. I guess, too, it's easier to be angry when it's not a required absence like the scenarios I mentioned. I want so much to be supportive and accepting, but when I'm laying in bed with all of this chaos around me, completely unable to take care of myself, much less the kids and the household, it's easy to become resentful.

I know Whittler could take a little time off the trail to come home and help take care of me/us, but I am so afraid that if he does, he'll never get back out there. I know how important this is to him, and it is important to me that I do not hold him back in any way.

Oh well, the medicine is kicking in so I'd better get back in bed before I fall asleep at the keyboard...take care everyone, and thanks for giving me a place to share my thoughts, good and bad.

Thanks as usual for listening,
Indoor Girl

2003-04-14, 18:12
Ice for acute injury, 15 minutes 3 times a day
heat after 3 days of ice
Bedrest is bad. Gentle activities are ok. no heavy lifting. (milk jug or less)
NSAIDS are your friend. I like aleve 2 twice a day scheduled. not for pain, but for inflammation.

try taking the muscle relaxant only at night, if its not helping after 3 days, its not going to help.

Chiropractic is also bad in the acute injury stage. manipulative therapy however has been shown to relieve chronic back pain.

did I leave anything out?

BTW I have all of the studies to back up the above approach to acute lumbar strain. (which is what you have)


p.s. sorry, I am a doc and a guy, it is a requirement to my psyche to meddle. :)

2003-04-14, 22:38

The doc said I pulled my para-something or other muscles that begin at the tailbone and run up both sides of the spine. He prescribed 7 -10 days of bed rest (with no heavy lifting, etc., as mentioned as well) with heat applied as often as possible, as well as 10 mg. Flexeril 3x day. He also prescribed Ultram for the toothache. It is very difficult for me to stand or walk for any length of time...my whole back seems as if it's being "pulled down" when I do so. Sitting feels somewhat okay until I stand up, then it's very painful at the bottom of my spine. I injured myself Saturday morning, so I'm not sure if the ice will help now, but I'll try it before switching back to heat. I'll continue the Flexeril at night (I do feel that it is helping), and I'll take Aleve for the swelling since I don't think that Ultram is an NSAID...if the Aleve doesn't help my teeth I'll call the pharmacist to see if it's okay to combine the two. Thanks so much for your input sundog, I value it greatly.

Of course, it didn't help that my car broke down while I was in the drive-thru at the bank today, and I had to help push it out of the way. It won't be fixed until next week, so I had to spring for a rental car...more money out the window, in addition to the $160 for the doc and the meds yesterday, grrr. This is not a good thing, particularly because I've had to take a week off from work, and I lost one of my best clients last week so my income is (temporarily, I hope) cut in half.

Whittler was supposed to call me either yesterday or today, but I haven't heard from him. I'm kind of glad he didn't call, because I probably would not have had very nice things to say :D

Oh well, we're still planning on going to Pigeon Forge and meeting Whittler on the trail Thursday, and I am going to do my absolute best to stay upbeat (at least in front of him) about the troubles at home. I know that I can take care of everything myself (however ungraceful I may be, lol) one way or another, it's just difficult to maintain my cool when things pile up like this (but isn't that usually the way it goes!).

Doing my best to stay strong (and not snivel...too much, heehee),
Indoor Girl

2003-04-15, 01:05
para spinous the long muscles that run on either side of your spine.

Ultram is not an NSAID, it is fine to mix it with Aleve but I would be more cautious about mixing it with flexaril. Ultram makes me goofy, I don't like it for that reason.


2003-04-15, 01:33

Thanks for telling me what those muscles are called...I usually remember things like that, but I must have lost those brain cells somewhere along the way. Thanks for the advice regarding combining Aleve w/Ultram, etc. In addition, I will only take the Flexeril/Ultram combination when I know I am able to sleep for several hours. Although neither make me feel funky, they both knock me out, either alone or together. The Ultram is PRN anyway and I may not need it with the Aleve.

I actually asked for a non-narcotic pain reliever...after looking at the info on Ultram I could find online, I couldn't figure out exactly how it's classified (if it's not a narcotic and not an NSAID, what the heck is it, etc). Some data mentions the high occurence of physical or psychological addiction, and other data supports only a negligable risk in that regard. Strictly a rhetorical question...I try to be cautious as to what medications I take, and find pharmacology interesting at any rate.

Thanks for putting up with me, everyone...
Indoor Girl

PS I am naturally goofy, no help needed :D