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2003-04-08, 19:22
Hi everybody,
I heard from Whittler this morning, and he asked me to post a trail report (trail conditions, etc.)...where can I do so within this site, and should I post it elsewhere (i.e. whiteblaze.net, etc.)? I am just a hiker's wife and I don't want to "step in it", lol.
Indoor Girl

2003-04-08, 21:44
If you like there's a journal section here on this site, or you could register at Whiteblaze.net and they have a section. Either one I'd think would be fine. There's also other trail journal sites mentioned somewhere on here, but I can't recall what they are right now.

Don't worry, I'm just a hiker's spouse too. So far they've all been really nice. :D

2003-04-08, 23:44
In the section with Trail forums (trails by states)on this site, There is an Appalachian trail forum.That might be a good place for your report?! Just a thought. Streamweaver

2003-04-11, 17:08
IndoorGirl - There is no such thing as a stupid question - only stupid answers, and I don't think you'll find many of those here.

2003-04-11, 17:18
Thanks so much, everyone...

I have been swamped with work the last several days, which has been great for keeping me from feeling sorry for myself about Whittler being gone, lol. The trail report would be outdated now at any rate, since I believe the weather and conditions have changed much since I posted my inquiry.

Going back to work, armed with more coffee now, lol...
Indoor Girl

2003-04-12, 23:59
You know what Indoor Girl, I don't think the hikers would mind old data. I think, if I'm not mistaken, that they enjoy reading about someone else's hike and dreaming of the trail. ;) :D

You do what you feel best tho. The journal section here is always open for posts from anyone, anytime.