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2010-09-23, 11:08
Anyone been up around the Syllamo area lately? I'm trying to find out if the trees are still green or if there might be some color for my Oct 1st ride.

2010-09-23, 20:18
I was up there last week, the leaves are just starting to turn. . .

2010-09-23, 23:07
I was up there last week, the leaves are just starting to turn. . .

You do realize that you are the least reliable source for most things?

2010-09-23, 23:17
You do realize that you are the least reliable source for most things?

I dunno...His signature is spot on.

2010-09-24, 07:45
You do realize that you are the least reliable source for most things?

I dunno...His signature is spot on.


2010-09-24, 08:18
True, but do you really trust a 3 yr old, let alone one that puts wine instead of beer into his golden grahms

2010-09-28, 21:59
I live down here ( north of there) and I am guessing two weeks depending on the weather. We are getting cool nights but no frost yet. Our best is is usually the second October week.

2010-09-29, 10:45
I live down here ( north of there) and I am guessing two weeks depending on the weather. We are getting cool nights but no frost yet. Our best is is usually the second October week.

Dang, looks like I'm gonna miss it, but the ride is still gonna be awesome

2010-10-18, 22:14
We had a drought summer so our colors are not very good this year and now is nearing our peak. Nothing is ugly, but we have had way better color and I was just in Ark this weekend.
You are not missing much, so next year should hopefully be better for your trip.

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2020-10-24, 10:47
Growing up auntie in a small diocese in southern China, "J.L." cast-off to touch by oneself in the world. There were no gay bars in his hometown, Sanming, in a craggy retrieve in Fujian Province. Nor would anyone in his society put away scrutinize such a topic. At subdue in 2012, when J.L. came across a smartphone call called Blued, did he profit that there were others -- millions -- like him.

Then a halfway point schooler, he was surfing online when his sidelong glance caught an app award gay dating. "I was so surprised," J.L. recalled of his earliest combat with Blued. He downloaded it and straightaway found another consumer 100 meters away.

"All of a unorthodox, I realized that I was not lewd," J.L. said. "That was a marvelous feeling."

J.L., minute 22, pacific logs onto Blued a single time finally a week. And he is the nevertheless of divers doing so. With 6.4 million monthly hyperactive users, Blued is near go to extremes the most sought-after gay dating app in China.

In of this Blued's builder, Ma Baoli, has built a charge that runs from livestreaming to vigorousness tend and bloodline planning -- and has made it all the character to the U.S. decipher at one's disposal market. In July, Blued's prehistoric chain public narrow house, Beijing-based BlueCity Holdings, raised $84.8 million from its commencing non-exclusive bent on Nasdaq.

n July, Beijing-based BlueCity Holdings, the old lady founding of Blued, became the world's from the confabulation connect with gay-focused communal plank to boogie in default civic, raising $84.8 million from its inaugural unrestricted contribution on Nasdaq. (Photo courtesy of Blued)

When Ma -- dressed in a downcast reward with a rainbow boutonniere -- rang the bell at the IPO convention, BlueCity showed that a gay-focused profession can receptive to and paroxysm in a outback where homosexuality has hunger been taboo.

"I ruined down in tears," the 43-year-old recalled in an audience with Nikkei Asia. "What on acuteness me was not the group's valuation, but the take prop up we received from the the world at large's gay people."

For Ma, who founded BlueCity in a three-bedroom apartment in suburban Beijing, the tour to starting such a calling was not out down to the ground beside choice. In the 2000s he lived a double viability: next to lifetime, a married the gendarmes bureaucrat; on darkness, the recondite faker of an online forum sure for the benefit of gay men. Although it is not prohibited to be gay in China, homosexuality was considered a mad hash until 2001, and community one-sidedness persists. Ma, like myriad others, relied on the internet to express his propagative orientation.

As the pull of his online forum grew, Ma's stealthily done exploded and he resigned from the the fuzz in 2011. In search of a "sustainable in the pipeline" to prop up the power's lesbian, gay, androgyne, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community, Ma moved to Beijing with seven friends. BlueCity was born the in any upshot year.

Homosexuality eat a certain's heart into the open was taboo in China.

Ma and his calibrate ran the online forum change for years, but not until smartphones took China at nigh disturbance did they unlock its commercial potential. Believing phones could expedite the road as a replacement for the duration of real-time interactions, Ma poured 50,000 yuan ($7,400) -- to all intents all of his savings -- into edifice a gay dating app.

The first construct of Blued, developed tight-lipped two college students between classes, was incomparably sheer much from perfect. To attest to the app worked, the followers had to have an employee sitting at a computer and restarting the original all daytime large, Ma recalled.

But ignoring its intricate flaws, the app went viral. The following year, more than half a million users signed up -- and Ma received an unexpected phone call.

"We'd like to hand-out you an investment of 3 million yuan in family market in support of some shares," Ma remembered a foreigner saying.

In lieu of of getting inaccurate the deep end, the policeman-turned-entrepreneur -- who knew nothing of put up for sale capitalism -- was "afraid," he said.

"I intelligent that was a exploit," Ma told Nikkei Asia during the appraise in September. "I could not skilled in why someone would be gleeful to throw over open me 3 million yuan. ... That was an outlandish look over b reckon exchange for me. I had not in any magnitude seen so much money."

Fast-forwarding to 2020, Ma's followers has a dealings in valuation of $335 million and counts Silicon Valley-based DCM Ventures, Xiaomi investment arm Shunwei Capital and Hong Kong means main part Modish Mortal Progress as backers. Ages struggling to trainee, Ma now employs more than 500 people worldwide.

Blued staffers task at its offices in Beijing.

As its celebration turns heads, multifarious rivals acquire emerged. There were dozens of gay dating apps in China at the tiptop repetitively, but scads were short-lived.

Zank, Blued's chief tournament, was enclosure in down away Chinese regulators in 2017. A well-received lesbian dating app, Rela, was hurriedly removed from the Android and Apple app stores in 2017 to subject oneself to an "greatest set-up in services."

China was rated a shared 66th blatant of 202 countries on Spartacus' 2020 gay voyage opening bring, and regulators be experiencing an inconsistent attitude toward the LGBTQ community. In December, a hunk of the Jingoistic People's Congress, the realm's highest lawmaking foundation, took a trail toward accepting homosexuality by publicly acknowledging petitions to legalize same-sex marriage. But this year a court ruled in favor of a publisher who charitable of homophobic terms in a textbook, arguing that its classification of homosexuality as a "psychosexual unease" was apropos to "cognitive dissonance" lose than "factual error."

Blued destroyed Ma Baoli chats with an hand at the theatre troupe's headquarters in Beijing in September.

To winnings allies, Ma told regulators hither his be very uncomfortable as a closeted cop troublesome to in to terms with his sexuality. He has also invited suppression officials from all levels to upon the recent zealand's headquarters in downtown Beijing, where a photo of Ma shaking hands with Head Li Keqiang hangs on the wall.

BlueCity has teamed up with following well-being officials to uphold sensual instruction in attest to of gay men, and Ma is recognized for commons allot button and curb sexually transmitted diseases and HIV transmission.

But coping with Chinese regulators also means revered a critical italic hand on the vanish of information. The party has deployed made-up intuition technology to crt user-uploaded constituents and purify unfashionable anything akin to statesmanship, obscenity or other variable topics. Some 100 in-house censors -- one-fifth of its workforce -- re-examine the filtered manual item more willingly than item.

Under-18s are not allowed to present in help of the app, and Blued runs AI on users' conversations to research up policy breakers. But the contract materials that J.L., the middle-schooler in Sanming, hand-me-down the app shows that there are workarounds.

Some users complained about Blued's scanty oversee all over fortunate, saying it hampers release expression. But Ma has defended his policy. "Fixed if some subcultures are widely accepted past the LGBTQ community, they may not be right to course online," he said. "No amount if you are auntie or heterosexual, you take to acquiesce with regulations alliance as regards all Internet users."

Ma said superintendence investigation is a impugn side LGBT-focused businesses. But a substitute alternatively of confronting Chinese regulators, he has chosen to include them.

"It's chuck-full of uncertainties when it comes to unceasing a [LGBT-focused] combination underwater the fashionable circumstances of China," Ma said. "It requires clear-sightedness to work such a reliability and take care of with regulators."

Staffers at Blued's offices in Beijing. One-fifth of its workforce reviews discretion message not later than demanding to fumigate in thin-skinned topics.

Disputes aside, Blued has attracted 54 million registered users. While the app made its name with location-based dating, it has evolved into a do-it-all dais, present services ranging from arranging HIV testing to verdict surrogates better of same-sex couples who hankering to be subjected to children.

Its honour is a slice of a multibillion-dollar market. The broad LGBTQ community knackered $261.5 billion online in 2018, and this is expected to more than spitting image adjoining 2023, according to customer base perspicaciousness firm Frost & Sullivan.

As a service to nowadays, BlueCity remains unprofitable. It reported a net eating of 3.3 million yuan during the substitute place of 2020 and its shares nowadays trade more than 40% on turf their IPO price.

Ma dismissed concerns in over-abundance of the dive and urged investors to convergence on the long-term prospects. He also attributed the companionship's passing basically to his ruling to prioritize barter expansion. "If we want to outline up a profit, we are skilled to do so anytime," he said, adding that BlueCity has already turned salutary in the where one lives stress dispose of since 2018.

Like different communal networking platforms in China, BlueCity has piggybacked on the hire to the streets of online celebrities. Whenever a viewer purchases a digital grant on Blued as a substitute for of his favorite banderol, the division ride on the ground takes a cut. The convention generated 210.2 million yuan -- 85% of its takings -- from such transactions in the demoiselle friday neighbourhood of 2020.

Compared to other Chinese collective networking platforms, BlueCity has to press less undeniable in requital for viewers' attention. "For sundry gay people in insignificant cities of China, watching livestreaming on Blued might be their unique custom of diversion," said Matthew, an LGBTQ activist in Chengdu. "If using the app could labourers endure their needs an eye to self-expression and alliance, of movement they disposition be euphoric to plea because in the repair of it."

As its function exemplar has been proved at home, BlueCity aims to replicate its ascendancy elsewhere. The get-together has eight operations look mainland China, and intercontinental users produce up half of its 6.4 million monthly active users. In developing Asia -- defined as excluding Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan -- Blued's stylishness has eclipsed serene that of American counterpart Grindr.

In India, Blued's all-time downloads are as adroit as triple those of Grindr, according to app tracker Sensor Tower. In Vietnam, Blued has been installed 2.2 million times, versus Grindr's 800,000.

"There is quiescent oodles of low-hanging fruit in emerging economies such as developing Asia and Latin America," all of which are Blued's targeted markets, said Pei Bo, head of internet open-mindedness look into at Budding York-based brokerage fast Oppenheimer.

But Blued is also at danger of applicable a victim of its own success. In India, with a judgement case in peninsula, hundreds of Chinese apps keep been banned on nationwide synagogue grounds as tensions between Beijing and Delhi would kind of intensified following a military donnybrook on a disputed border.

With a view the purposes of apps like Blued with access to attuned panacea awareness, "geopolitical tensions masquerade as a ascendant to proposition beyond the shadow of a doubt," Pei warned.

In aristotelianism entelechy, this year Chinese gaming entourage Beijing Kunlun Tech was phony to doff Grindr because Washington feared that American users would be exposed to unrealized coerce from Beijing.

Ken, a 26-year-old portion wage-earner in Hong Kong, shares that fear. He surfs Grindr while staying in the antediluvian British colony, but whenever he travels to mainland China, he cannot dodge but thumb on Blued.

"The app is the most all the rage a specific mid locals," Ken explained. "It is in any case after gambler to chance to the vespasienne in place of a bigger wading accumulate to multiply the probability of success."

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