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2003-04-09, 00:59
Baking soda is great!
Just like the box says, it's got many uses.
I oftend take a few ounces of baking soda with me on the trail to use as:
1. toothpaste
2. deoderant
3. foot powder
4. dish cleaner

to be honest, it doesn't give my mouth a minty-cool sensation or provide my armpits with around the clock protection. it does, however, get the job done. it works. and baking soda is a miracle worker for cleaning tough stains from dishes. i use it around the house all the time to clean pots, pans, sink, counter and stove. if nothing else, it's a multi-use item that does away with the need for the added weight of single use stuff like toothpaste, deo, etc.

of course, there are many that might argue that such items are not a necessity on the trail, and thus just dead weight. but i like brushing my teeth and don't feel bad since i know that the stuff i use to keep my mouth clean can also be used for pots and pans.

anyone know of any environmental concerns with baking soda?

2003-04-09, 07:17
I can remember using baking soda as a whitener for my teeth when I was growing up. Though I was told (don't remember by who) that you should not use it too much. Think it was something about being hard longterm on the enamel on your teeth.

Anyone else know of any studies or docuumentation to support/trash this idea?

My wife and I (ok, I'll admit it, when I occasionally help ) use baking soda to clean the kitchen and bathroom all the time.

Hadn't really thought about using it for a deodorant and foot powder. Good multi use!


2003-04-09, 12:47
from experience, baking soda feels kinda gritty when used as foot powder and isn't as absorbant as the real stuff. but it kinda takes the edge off of stinking boots. don't use too much though because it's abrassive and could damage the inside lining of your boot in the same way dirt could over time. i probably wouldn't use it at all if your boots have a goretex lining. it'd just hinder the breathability of the material and make your footware into hot boxes.

Rage in a Cage
2003-04-09, 14:48
When I first read this post I remembered back when I was young, some of the older folk would take a table spoon of baking soda to settle an upset stomach.
I did a quick online search and found some sites of interest. It seems that there are alot of uses for this product that I never knew about. If I enter the links correctly you can take a look for yourself. Pretty cool stuff. You can do a search and find more sites.




2003-04-10, 10:07
baking soda is the treatment of choice for me for an upset stomach, even at home, just mix some with water - taste kinda like alka-seltzer.

i also use it for toothpaste on the trail. i probably bring no more than an .oz or so on a trip.


2003-04-10, 23:31
Make a paste by mixing a little water with baking soda to soothe insect bites ,and to get funky tastes/smells out of water bottles etc just fill with a baking soda/water solution and let it soak for awhile (the worse the smell the longer the soak of course)then rinse.Streamweaver