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2003-04-11, 16:44
SGT Rock's postcard he sent me from Spain arrived today. I scanned the front of it and am attaching the pic below. It really made my day to just see his handwriting..... plus gave me eye strain trying to read it lol. Trust me folks, you should all be very glad he types on here instead of handwriting. ;)

The last news I got on him and his unit was they are all doing well and conducting ongoing missions. (how's that for generic info? :rolleyes: )


2003-04-11, 17:01
Dixie - What is Top's unit? I'd like to be able to watch for him and his guys on the telly.

2003-04-11, 20:18
He's in the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. The 500 that are over there right now are attached to the 82nd Airborne Division.

His specific troop is G Troop also known as Ghost Troop.

I've been watching occationally to see if I could see anything about him too. No luck so far....lol

2003-04-11, 21:57
Dixicritter....your tougher than this ole hiker....I don't see how you take the pressure but I'm glad you can...my peaceful thoughts are with you..take care.

2003-04-12, 23:56
Thank you SMSteve. I gotta come clean and say I'm not always strong. I've had my moments of weakness trust me. However, I have the utmost faith that Rock knows his stuff VERY well and will be back here planning his next hike before we all know what hit us....lol.


2003-04-15, 16:43
saw your postcard and wonder when your better half left. My son left on Sunday, March30th from Ft. Polk and havent' heard from him. He is 2nd acr/ghost troop/a medic.

Any info so much appreciated.


2003-04-15, 17:56
My hubby left the same day, March 30th. I haven't heard from him yet other than the call he made from Spain, and that postcard. However, wives in the troop have just in the last two days started getting phone calls so I'm hoping to hear from him soon.


2003-04-16, 08:12
Thanks for replying. Is your husband a medic too?


2003-04-16, 10:55
No he's a scout, and the 1SGT of the troop.

(by the way, I sent you a pm too. :) )