View Full Version : Hammocking in the back yard

2010-11-08, 21:19
This past week end Nov 6-7th it got down to about 35 deg. in San Antonio. I was in the need to be camping real bad but just didn't have the time to set out and hit the trails, so... I set up my Hennessy Hammock in the back yard and started a fire in my fire pit, it was one of the best camping trips I've been on. My 8 year old daughter wanted to camp with me so I set up my one man back packing tent right next to my hammock, she stayed for about 10 minutes. I never slept so well in a long time. I have a rather large heavy flannel lined sleeping bag (one that I do not back pack) and my military issue poncho liner and slept like a baby. In the morning I got the fire started again and made bacon, eggs, and biscuts in the dutch oven, Yummy. All in all I had a great time.