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2003-04-14, 16:27
Hi all. I wanted to file a quick report of my trip to the Sipsey Wilderness this past weekend.

My girlfriend and I went for a one overnight loop. This was our first time at Sipsey and our first time for backpack camping. We have done a bunch of car camping but in many ways this was much nicer.

Our loop was from the Sipsey Recreational Area up 200/209 then across Borden Creek (very cold water about knee deep). We followed 209 to 204. 209 had some trees down but was pretty easily passable. We camped a bit up 204 and it was easily passable to this point.

On Sunday we headed out and ran into tons of downed trees. A bunch of them were in areas that had very thick underbrush so there was no way around these trees. We lost the trail a couple of times but luckily had the GPS, compass and trail maps so we headed towards the waypoint I had placed at the intersection of 204 and 224. We always found the trail again in a few minutes and finally must have connected to the Bee Branch Trail (of whatever it is called) because the trail became much more worn and had very little deadfall across it.

The hike down 224 was nice but hot (not much shade) and not much to look at. Make sure you have filled up your water before you go up 204 or you will be sorry (I know from experience) We lunched at the intersection of 224 and 200. It was a nice shady spot where we could fill up our water at Borden Creek and take a bit of a rest.

The rest of the trip on 200 was really nice with an interesting part at Fat Man's Squeeze. I had read about it but it was more fun to go through than I had read about.

We didn't see very many people most of the time. Going up 209 we saw a few groups of people that had made camp by the river. We wish we had as well but we were nice and alone up 204. I would not recommend 204 because of all the deadfall and the trail is very hard to follow in a few places but the other trails were nice.

I will post some pictures once I get time to download them from my camera.