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2003-04-17, 02:25
Hi again everyone,

I guess it's a good sign that two weeks away from Whittler seems like forever, and I can't wait to see him :-). We've been together for 10 years, and I've seen many marriages begin and end during that time. I'm so grateful that I have such a wonderful fella (he has to be wonderful to put up with me)...and sometimes that gratitude gets lost in the everyday shuffle.

Whittler has been hiking the last week with Sawbriar, and they are now at Sawbriar's sister's house near Pigeon Forge. I'll be picking him up there Thursday and they will catch a ride back to the trail after I drop him off Saturday. He sounds so thoroughly happy on the phone, despite the fact that they hiked for a few days in snow, and before that, a few days in the rain. He's holding up extremely well given his physical limitations. As much as I miss him, I really, truly hope he can finish, or if he is not able to, that he can be at peace with what he does accomplish.

I'll ask him about starting a trail journal thread here when I see him. I know there is trailjournals.com and such, but I really feel comfortable here, and hope I can bring you news from the AT in addition to my occasional sniveling :-).

Thank you for listening,
Indoor Girl

PS Thank you so much Dixicritter for keeping this forum alive during Sgt Rock's absence...I really like it here :-)

2003-04-17, 13:30
Indoor Girl,

I'm glad you are going to be seeing Whittler soon. I know that'll be nice.

You're most welcome too. Its about the only thing he asked me to do, so I have to honor that right?? :) I know how much this site means to him, as well as all his hiking buddies he's met whether just online or in real life.