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2003-04-19, 02:10
If you were going to use (or do use) an underquilt on your HH would you want to be able to have slightly larger snake skins and leave the underquilt on the hammock or pack them seperatly?

I would think that you would want them packed together but I don't have any down gear so far and am not sure about compressing down for too long.

Also, I'm thinking of making an underquilt like CanoeBlue did (well my girlfriend is, she just got a new sewing machine) and would like some suggestions on how much loft to have. I'm a pretty cold sleeper.

Thanks for any opinions.


2003-04-19, 13:23
You have some control over how much you compress the underquilt by how much larger you make the snake skins, so don't assume that the down will necessarily be unduly compressed. Good quality Down will take an amazing amount of compression and still spring back, so I haven't ruled the snake skins out. They are, incidently, easy to make and don't take a lot of material.+

Right now I am not using a larger set of snake skins with my underquilt, but that is partly because I am satisfied with the way the system works as it is and I just haven't taken the time to make another set. Ultimately, whether you decide to pack the underquilt along with the hammock in snake skins or separately in your pack will probably be determined by whether you use your hammock for chair etc. along the trail and at times other than when setting up for the night. In those situations the underquilt could get in the way.

I suggest that you make the underquilt, use it in the field for a while, and if you feel that you want the larger snakeskins it won't take long to whip up a pair.

2003-04-19, 21:00
I take the rainfly in the stuff sack. This allows you to set up the hammock in the snake skins under the rainfly. I lucked into this one reainy afternoon and it is definitely the best way to go. If you take this option, there is plenty of room in the stuff sack for your underquilt.

2003-04-28, 02:32
I strap the HH with snakeskins to the bottom of my pack, my underquilt and top quilt are within the sil-nyl packliner in my pack...that way I am assured that the quilts will be dry when needed.