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Hog On Ice
2010-12-17, 14:20
copied from Hammock Forums - a technique that is new to me that I thought to pass on:

"I met a guy on a trail out here one evening that had stepped through some thin ice into a creek that was about a foot deep. One foot had gone through and soaked his boot and sock. I had a fire going when he came into camp and asked to use it. He then proceeded to take out a sheet of aluminum foil and folded himself an envelope of sorts. He put on fresh socks and threw the wet one, along with the dry one, into the foil envelope then tossed it in the fire ring next to, but not in, the fire. In about 3 minutes steam was flowing out of the foil envelope and in about 20 minutes the dude was making a very happy face as he slid his feet into freshly fire-warmed, and dried, socks."

2010-12-17, 14:23

2010-12-17, 14:25
A hammock hanger thought of that? Wow! Guess they're not all like Hooch. :ahhhhh:

2010-12-17, 14:27
As a so-called hiker that has lost many a sock to the flame, I think I will give this a try next time!

2010-12-17, 14:36
You could add in some vegetables and, Voila!, dinner in 20. :ahhhhh:

2011-01-21, 23:15