View Full Version : First liar doesn't stand a chance!

Bill Phillips
2003-04-19, 12:56
There we were, campt out'n the eastern Mojave 'n July. 'Twas so HOT we had te light a FIRE to cool down!

Rage in a Cage
2003-04-19, 16:45
Reminds me of a winter camping trip we did during an extremely cold spell. We lit a fire and prepared dinner then went to bed. We woke the next morning to find it had got so cold that the fire had froze solid. We had to sit it out in the sun to warm a bit before we could fix breakfast.:rolleyes:

Bill Phillips
2003-04-20, 12:41
Good thinkin'. Course, my Grampa coulda just whittled a hot breakfast.

Rage in a Cage
2003-04-20, 15:12
Ah yes and after a nice hot meal theres nothing quite like a freshly bagged chocolate "moose".

Speaking of Grandpa, My grandpa only carried the best in equipment on his outings. No light weight cloth tent for him. No sir, He carried the top of the line collapseable log cabin. Admittedly he did use the lighter single walled version so I suppose he was one of the first light weight hikers around.