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2003-04-25, 11:11
I put this on Whiteblaze as well, but since this IS a Hammock forum, I guess it belongs here...

My HH arrived last night a 6pm. I didn't get a chance to set it up until 9pm. Freaked out a couple of neighbors (and thier dogs) while I set it up the backyard with my headlamp on.:D

Me: I'm 5'10" and weight 200#.

It is much smaller inside than I was expecting. Seemed like I was wedged foot-to-head along the diagonal. Maybe I need to stake it out better???
If you are laying on your back. What part of your body is next to the "head end" tie-eout? Elbow? Head? Shoulder?
What about the "foot end" tie-out? Foot? Shin? Knee?
It is quite easy to setup (once you've done it a couple of times). It took me 90 minutes to get it right last night. But I think I started with it too close to the ground. My tie off points were 16'-18' apart, so there was quite a bit of sag.
It is fricken small. All folded up it is smaller than a football! I haven't weighed it yet. I never realized that it packed up so small.
I had long john top/bottoms on along with socks. I was inside my silk sheets with my unzipped sleeping bag (15F) draped on top of me. I had the Wally World blue foam pad and a car foil-backed sunscreen (24"x58") underneath the blue pad. It was 44F last night. I was too hot! Took off my socks and pants. Probably should have taken off my shirt.
I kept sliding "into the grove". I had a hard time staying "off axis" by 20 degrees. Must be a trick to it. Should I shorten the blue pad? Other suggestions?
It was fairly comfortable. But I'm sure I need to adjust a few things to make it better. Suggestions?
I was surprised at how close the tarp (not the mesh) was to my face. I always picture it being 1' above the mesh.
Do folks typically use 2 stakes, or 4?
What are all of the extra clips and loops on the tarp and tie-outs for? Whatever you want?
How tight do you make the mainline? I put one foot and the tree and pulled about as tight as I could make it without cutting my hands by the cord. Too tight?

I'll probably make a few adjustments and try it again tonight (maybe in the rain).

2003-04-25, 13:29
I was going to buy the one you have but opted for the Explorer Ultralite A-sym, but the difference is no big deal. I think you have too much distance between the trees, 13ft I find, is a good distance. I usually tie the first cord at about eye level on the tree that is downslope (if any) and then eyeball the other for level, then centre the hammock between the trees, it is not necessary to overtighten the ropes, just cinch them up tight so the ridgeline is taut. I don't tie my hammock out at all as I see no point because the only benefit of that is to dampen the rocking motion of the hammock, which is going to happen anyway and it does not make the inside of the hammock any bigger, I actually use the bungie tie outs for the hammock on my rain fly instead and throw away the miserably long and tangle-prone cords that come with the fly.
The head end tieout point should be about by your shoulder and the foot end a little below your knee.
I think you have too many slidey things underneath you, I just use a fleece blanket but then again I don't have the low temperatures you have, so I am out of my league there.