View Full Version : HH rain fly and W-I-N-D

2003-04-25, 18:30
So there I was, trying out my HH Safari Ultralite for its first full field testing: two nights in the mountains, first by the Gila River in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico, then by Cave Creek in the Chiricahuas in Arizona. I read here and elsewhere that most folks use elastic to help keep the rain fly taut, so I untied the tie-out cords on the rain fly, put a short length of bungee-type material on the rings, and then tied the tie-out cords to the bungee cords.

First night: winds were light and the campside was sheltered. Slept like a baby.

Second night: the rain fly was flapping like nobody's business. Kept waking me up to the point that I got up, took the fly down, and crammed it in the foot of my sleeping bag to keep it fom blowing away.

Now, I will admit that winds were pretty strong (probably gusts over 30 -- it's the windy season here in the high desert), but I thought that the elastic would automatically tension the fly.

Some folks have suggested removing the elastic tie-downs for the hammock and swapping them out for the nylon tie-down cords for the rain fly. Would this fix the problem, or are winds this strong always going to cause a problem when the rain fly is up?

Thanks in advance for your responses.