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2003-04-25, 18:37
WARNING: Newbie, first post. I've been lurking for a while, so hopefully not covering old ground.

I'm thinking of taking the plunge, and getting a Safari deluxe for use on motorcycle born camping trips. Looking primarly for a good nights sleep. Sleeping in a tent wastes too much time making coffee so I can try to get moving in the morning. Also scouting potential tent sites requires getting off the bike, parking, etc. ~10 minutes by the time you get a passenger back on the bike and rolling. I think I could eyeball tree spacing without even stopping.

Motorcycles handle weight no problem, bulk is the greater issue. Anyone know approximate volume the Safari packs to? Also, other than weight/bulk are there any disadvantages to go with the Safari model?

Considering the Safari as I am 6'5" tall. The weight limit would also allow sharing the Hammock with my grlfriend. Are there any similarly tall folks that can comment on HH fit and comfort?

Given the choice I will camp places with trees....however I live in the desert. (Albuquerque) What is the minimum kit I would need to add to use the HH as a tent in a pinch? (guessing two poles?)

2003-04-29, 16:39
I live in the desert, too. I stick to the mountains for camping.

I have the Safari Ultralite, nearly the same dimensions (except for the rain fly) but lighter material. Plan on something the size of a loaf of bread.

2003-04-29, 17:13
If you need to make due without trees, you probably only need 1 pole, 'cause you could tie the other end to your bike.

When you put the hammock on the ground the lines are only there to hold up the fly and the netting.

2003-04-29, 20:01
Thanks for the info. Size sounds to be about 1/2 of my current tent. ...Cool!

Will probably come up with two poles. Tying one end off to the bike could make wind, or walking through a rope very expensive or inconvienient (broken clutch lever etc.)..good thought still.

Still haven't heard from anyone really tall vis. fit.

2003-04-29, 22:26
I'm 6'2" and weigh 225. I have the explorer. I have never been more comfortable sleeping in the woods than in my hammock. I am somewhat sceptical about sleeping with a partner though...