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2003-04-27, 20:00
I am looking for information concerning the same leg that Sgt. Rock seems to have taken that is mentioned in his Journal/Log Book section... It is going to be in NC for sure and in the end of May for about a week and approx 50 miles...

Here are the questions that i sent to Sgt. Rock and he is unable to answer due to his deployment situation :

I am currently planning to spend about a week on the Appalachian Trail thru some of the sections that u mention in your “Trip Journal” section on the AT. North Carolina is going to be the focus of our walk and we are looking at trying to make approx. 50 miles. I am looking specifically for information concerning Start Points and End Points. You see, I am from Alabama and currently enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology and my girlfriend is from Kentucky and currently attending Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. I have a friend in NC that is supplying us with the majority of our equipment for the hike. He has walked several “fifty-milers” on the trail and is helping me plan it considerably. However, his hikes were with larger groups and he was not the one to plan return transportation. My girlfriend and I also have only one car and cannot acquire another one to leave at the end point of our trip.

We are awaiting this information concerning possible end points before we determine our actual route. Any information you could give or contact information would be much appreciated. I have heard there are places that you can pay someone to take you back to your start point… however, I do not know where to find information concerning this

Thanx for any help you can give...


2003-04-28, 01:23
tbone, you're from bay minette, huh? fairhope here.

was just looking thru my AT data book from 2000, trying to find a 50 mile section in NC where you can easily arrange the logistics. what kept jumping out at me is the section between erwin, tn and elk park, nc (includes roan mtn). don't know if you're interested in that section along the nc and tn state lines, but i do know that is my absolute favorite section of the entire trail. also, it would be pretty easy to get transportation. just get in touch with miss janet of erwin. she runs a hostel and has been providing rides to hikers for years. if you're interested, i'll get you miss janet's contact info or point you in the right direction. also, you might want to check out Appalachian Trail Conference at www.atconf.org another (probably best) source of info is Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Assoc. at www.aldha.org they publish the AT Companion which has all the info on rides and such. btw, the entire 2003 book is online at their site, so you don't even have to buy it.

let me know if i can be of any help. - chief

2003-04-28, 01:33
oh btw, did i tell you how beautiful overmountain shelter is? the views of the valleys and humps are the best on the AT! it's in the section i mentioned. in case you can't tell, i'm really enthralled with that section. if you decide to do it, seriously get in touch with miss janet. she is a true trail angel! - chief

2003-04-28, 10:33
got your email. sent you one back. later...