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2011-01-19, 01:27
This article was adapted from my site, and collected by myself,enjoy it if you like Chinese culture~ I think like hiking, drinking tea is another entertainment of Chinese.:beer:

Chinese people like to drink tea, and often entertain friends and guests with it. The tea leaf is a necessity in the life of Chinese people.


Tea plants originated in China, although the ancient Chinese first used them for medicinal purposes before developing tea as a drink some 2,000 years ago, Later, they gradually learnt to grow tea plants and use the leaves to make various types of tea.

As regards the method of making tea, the Chinese variety can be classified into green tea,black tea, Wulong tea, scented tea, tuo tea (bowl-shaped compressed mass of tealeaves), and brick tea, each consisting of many types.

Green tea is not fermented. Famous green tea includes Longjing tea from the region of West Lake in Hangzhou, Biluochun tea from Jiangsu, Maofeng tea from the HuangshanMountains of Anhui Province, and Liu'an Guapian tea from Liu'an County of Anhui Province.

Green Tea

Black tea is fermented, and is brilliant red. Famous Chinese black tea is keemun tea of Anhui Province, and Dian black tea (Yunnan black tea) of Yunnan Province.

Black Tea

Wulong tea is half fermented, its tealeaves being loose and thick, and the tea is golden yellow. The best Wulong tea is bohea produced in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Province.

Wulong Tea

Scented tea is peculiar to China, which is made by smoking tea leaves with fragrant flowers. The most famous one is jasmine tea produced in Fujian Province.

Scented Tea

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so no one interested in Chinese Tea?

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I would rather be having a pea eating contest with a Chinese girl.

4 peas or more at a time makes em moist.

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If the Chinese invented hiking, then why did Marco Polo walk to China? How come Kubla Khan didn't walk to Italy?

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How about spam flavored tea?. . .

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We love you anyway, StoneMark.

Coffee drinker here. As a Mormon, I'm not supposed to drink tea or coffee. I guess I'm going to Spirit Prison. I hope they have coffee there.

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This ain't spam guys, stonemark is for real. When I saw China in the title I thought spam too until I looked at it.

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This ain't spam guys, stonemark is for real. When I saw China in the title I thought spam too until I looked at it.thanks for your understand, and thanks for all who give reply to my post, the topic is not a big deal, and I will support others' post as well~ :)