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2003-05-01, 05:08
Greetings to all;
New member to the art of hammock camping. About Zeneb I enjoy camping, hiking have done the Wonderland Trail Mt. Rainier twice with a tent, hiked the Cascades of Washington and other places like Zion National Park. Enjoy astronomy and I own several telescopes of the places I have observed Nebraska, Florida, Grand Canyon, Canada and others. Enjoy kayaking have been to the Everglades, Lake Powell, Meade, Mohave and others. Will be kayaking Flaming Gorge and the Tetons this summer. Live in Henderson now with my family.
On order is the Hennesssy Expedition ASYM with the largest and lightest silnylon rain fly. Should be here any day. Enjoyed reading Sgt Rock's website, reviews on the various hammocks. For me cost, weight and simple design. I debated over the others but choose Hennessy from what I have read. Sleeping on one's side is the plus. Been thinking about the downside the cold from the underside but here in the desert with temperatures that wouldn't be a factor just trying to find some trees. Along with my Big Agnes Cross Mountain I should be warm. Well that's it for now till the hammock arrives I will enlighten those with my adventures. Pictures to.

2003-05-01, 08:52
As long as the integrated pad stays under you in the hammock, you will be warm. One of the primary reasons, I went for a hammock is the fact that in terms of weight it is right there with the lightest tents. The added comfort tips the balance. Carrying extra gear to take care of the cold spots from compressed insulation, negates the weight advantage. The integrated pad is what sold me on big agnes sleeping bags. I ordered the Horse Thief last weekend. I will get a warmer bag before I do my through hike next year(?).

Definitely take the time to experiment with setting up your hammock before your trip. It's easy, but requires some experimentation to get things right.