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jack daniels
2003-05-04, 21:20
My wife and I just got done with a 100 mile section hike of the A.T. from Springer to Albert Mountain. We are new to long distance hiking and were doing a shake-down hike to see what worked and what didn't. Thank Heaven for Winton, owner of the outfitter at Walasi-Yi who introduced us to a Johnson & Johnson product under their Band-Aid name called "Compeed." It is almost miraculous and since using it I've thrown out my moleskin and duct tape. Compeed comes in various size patches for all types of foot misery applications from corns and bunions to blisters. The patches appear to be some sort of rubber-like compound that can be stretched to fit the curves and contours of the foot and leave NO WRINKLES! They also stay firmly put after application. My wife had one on her foot for almost a week and had to forcibly remove it when we left the trail. Hope this spares someone some blister problems.

2003-05-05, 06:52
hey, thanks for the info. i've been carrying moleskin in my kit for years. while it works well, i'd like to find something that stays on longer. looks like compeed might fit the bill. i'll check it out.

jack daniels
2003-05-05, 14:51
I believe you'll be totally happy with it. My wife and I both are.

2003-05-05, 21:13
Thanks for the heads up on a new product. I assume that you can find it in the same section of the store that we find Moleskin?

jack daniels
2003-05-05, 22:09
Yes, if the store (drug or super market) carries it it will be in the "foot care" section. I had no trouble finding it at stores near the AT, but have not seen it in my local supermarket (only looked at one store so far, though). Most big chain stores will get it for you if you ask them to. After all it IS made by Johnson & Johnson (Band Aid) so it should be easy for them to get.

2003-05-06, 14:37
Gotta love Walasi-Yi. I've run into one of the co-owners a few times on Blood Mountain (can't remember her name), and she was always a delight to chat with.

Damn, now I'm homesick for the North Georgia mountains. Thanks a lot, Jack. :)

jack daniels
2003-05-06, 15:48
These folks may be the new owners. The state of GA was jacking the previous ones (can't remember their names either) around on the lease so bad they decided to sell. The current ones are WintonPorter and his wife. He has huge experience in the outfitting trade and is a real people person - very big on customer satisfaction and helping (much of it for free) folks to develop the mental attitudes that will get them through the AT. In the process he's developing a big base of loyal customers who won't deal with anyone else - I'm one of those.

Check out his website at www.mountaincrossings.com
You'll get even more homesick. :-)