View Full Version : not dead... not hiking either :(

2003-05-05, 10:11
Just in case anyone was wondering what happened to me, I have been horribly busy setting up a new practice site for my father (Peds). Starting a small buisiness is the most time consunming thing I have ever done, I swear everything is regulated somehow.

Rock is a very good writer. he should consider submitting his letters as a formal book when this mess is all over. I would buy it.

I shall return as time permits.


Zero Day
2003-05-05, 10:42
I agree, the dixicritter I am sure will keep everything, but you might consider organizing it into a scrapbook at least. It may not seem important now but 20 years from now a jounal of what grampa did during the war will be priceless for the grandkids.

2003-05-05, 11:55
Oh yes, I am keeping his letters. Will have them forever if I can. I know it'll be something that I'll want to have for the kids and future grandkids.

2003-05-05, 21:32

Just a few thoughts on the scrapbook. I recommend that you keep newspaper clippings about what is going on in Iraq (to include the rebuilding of the country). Sgt Rock will appreciate reading the articles when he returns to try and put everything into perspective. He will know what he was doing and what he was seeing and will then be able to understand what we (the American public) was reading about.

My wife and I both deployed for Desert Storm and our 6 year old daughter had to move from Wisconsin to Arkansas to live with her grandparents. One thing that my wife and I wished we had when we got home was the newspaper clippings. We just couldn't ask her parents to take care of our daughter as well as clip newspaper articles.

You may also want to ask SGT Rock to collect samples of the Iraqi money and postage stamps (if they have any) as a nice item to put in the scrap book. I'm sure he is meeting soldiers from other countries as well. When I was deployed, I bartered will these soldiers for currency from their countries. I ended up with currrency from over 22 countries. As a 1SG I know he is plenty busy, but collecting different currencies is something to do that is not military related.

His updates are great. Please keep them coming.

2003-05-06, 08:54
Thank you Kwiki for the suggestions. I have been keeping some articles, but unfortunately most of the news never mentioned his unit/regiment even being over there. I also intend to download some of the pictures from the internet, like the toppling of the statue and such.

Hadn't thought about the money thing. I'll try to remember to ask him about that. Unfortunately for me, every time he calls my brain turns to mush and I forget half of what it was I wanted to talk to him about. Maybe I should write it in a letter....lol