View Full Version : Boy....

2003-05-06, 01:56
Its been a while since Ive been here... hope everything is going good 'round these parts and Ill be checking around the site for stuff Ive missed.

Good to be back.

2003-05-06, 03:24
not that this has anything to do with hiking... but you might want to monitor the site for any unexpected bandwidth issues

Currently Active Users: 49 There are currently 1 members and 48 guests on the boards. | Most users ever online was 103 on 2003-05-05 at 08:30.

LOTS of people (or more likely some goofball playing games) hitting the forum... 103 at the peak.

2003-05-06, 08:56
thank you I hadn't noticed that. Not sure what I'd do about it, these issues are normally handled by SGT Rock. *shrugs*

Actually it could be because I posted over on Whiteblaze about the updates here and letters I've been posting. Maybe? Oh well as long as we stay up and running I guess there's no real harm right? lol

Good to see ya back. :)


2003-05-07, 16:35
probably no real harm.... and it passed pretty quick... just wouldnt want this site to be the victim of some malicious kid.

However if you notice any more sharp unexpected increases in visitors, Id probably send the webhost an email letting them know... so they can watch for any problems that may show up.

2003-05-07, 21:26
Thanks, I will try to keep an eye out for that. If anyone else notices something please pm me and let me know, cause I'm not here exclusively.