View Full Version : There's no helicopter, dude; it's not happening

Tin Man
2011-02-26, 20:44
Love that quote. Thanks Mags! [from post on FB]


Gray Blazer
2011-02-26, 22:25
That guy is lucky to be alive.

I want to remind all you guys from FL that the coldness in the mountains is something you had better be prepared for.

I thought I would be warm enough with blue jeans, cotton socks, leather jacket, fleece blanket and two plastic ponchos, no wool hat, inside a pup tent. I almost died that night on the AT on Rocky Bald when it must have gone down to 0-7 degrees.

I survived. I don't have a down bag now, but I have a 20 degree synthetic bag, thermal unnerwear, wool socks, wool hat, fleece jacket, waterproof-windproof shell, gloves, glove liners.

I still intend to improve the equipment, but think I would survive the Southern Apps in a snowstorm assuming I don't get lost.

2011-02-26, 23:53
I do like the first story...

Guy runs into bad luck.

Keep his head. Pulls out a map and compass, takes a bearing. Shows up very close to where his car is parked. Even the rangers were impressed.


Even the most experienced backcountry people hit speed bumps.

but, not everyone pulls out their SPOT/Cell phone/etc. and calls for Mommy! :D

Tin Man
2011-02-27, 05:40
Exactly. I tested my map and compass skills in the Adirondacks a few years back by bushwhacking 4 miles to connect with another trail and make my own hiking loop. I came out within 50 feet of my target. People who can't at least do that should just stay home and just read 'mag sucks' trip reports. :beer: