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ouachita hiker
2011-03-26, 12:53
I recently hiked this trail that was completely finished in the last two weeks. I will be posting pics soon. The below is some basic info.

Condition of trail: fantastic!
Blazes: Blue, similar to the Ouachita Trail and darker blue reflective disks.
Miles 0 to 7 med. difficulty
Miles 7 to 14 at times difficult along with some med. difficulty
Bridges over ALL tough spots. You won't get your boots wet on this trail unless you want to!
Predominate tree: Cedar with some old growth cedar
Views: At time fantastic views of the Cossatot River, miles 1 thru 7 never very far from the river.
Mile 7 to Cossatot Falls campground you can't see or here the river, easy hiking.
Cossatot Falls campground to approx. mile 11 difficult with lots of climbing and switchbacks.
Spots the trail goes along thru some very rocky areas with great views of the river.
Mile markers are spotty at best. Some duplicates, two fives and two sevens. Didn't see mile marker thirteen.
Water availability good. You aren't far from water most of the time. Many of the draws and gorges that are bridged
have water also the river.

As off 3/31 it has been determined that the trail is 12.5 miles from Brushy Creek to the Low water bridge over the Cossatot or 13 miles to the Visitor Info Center.
Also at this time you are to camp in established campgrounds. There will in the future to at least two back country camping sites.

Negatives: One thing is way to many blazes!
Some newer sections aren't blazed yet but are easy to follow.

Additional info:
Foot bridges-
Brushy Creek to Ed Banks 13 foot bridges
Ed Banks to Sand Bar 8 bridges
Sand Bar to Cossatot Falls 1 bridge
Cossatot Falls to Low water bridge below visitor center 16 bridges
Total bridges=38

This is a trail that you must hike!
Trip report HERE (http://www.backpackingarkansas.com/cossatot-river-corridor-hike-t669.html)

2011-03-26, 14:14
good report. thanks

ouachita hiker
2011-03-31, 14:48
HERE (https://picasaweb.google.com/105438246894657358606/CRCT?authkey=Gv1sRgCJv6yfPnko6_Hw&feat=directlink#) are the pics...

2011-03-31, 18:25
really cool trip report. great pics!

Tin Man
2011-03-31, 19:46
i like the pretty blue blazes

Big Mac
2011-03-31, 20:00
i like the pretty blue blazes

Oh, you're one of THOSE.

Tin Man
2011-03-31, 20:06
Oh, you're one of THOSE.

yeth. but all those bridges make me queasy

ouachita hiker
2011-04-01, 12:06
By the way I talked to the new guy that builds trails now for the State of AR and he had just GPSed the CRCT. He says that it is actually 12.5 miles or if a person starts or finishes at the Visitor info Center it is 13 miles. He will be putting out a map pretty soon. Also I had volunteered to straighten out all the crazy blazes but the park supt. wants to use park personnel. I hope they get with it soon for it is depressing at times with all of that blue!