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2003-05-12, 12:09
Okay, I'm new to the hammock thing, and just tried my HH Expedition 2.5 out for the first time this weekend. I messed around with it quite a bit, but could not get the fly positioned to the point where I would expect it to prevent driving rain coming into the hammock. Luckily it was beautiful out this weekend. I know Hennessy sells oversize flys for the expedition, so would I be correct in assuming that this is an inherent trait in this model? I'm thinking about sewing some extensions onto the fly to get better coverage (I'm learning to sew, and figured this would be a neat project). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help the problem, or think extensions are necessary or unnecessary? Any comments will be appreciated.



Hog On Ice
2003-05-12, 12:17
I have found that the fly will keep you dry in most conditions mainly because you are generally under trees and generally the wind under tree cover is much less than in the open. All that said I have found myself to be more comfortable with a bigger covering and so these days I hang a 10 by 10 silnylon tarp diagonally above my HH - this gives a guaranteed dry spot under the hammock to sit and whatever while it is raining and needless to say no worries about rain hitting the sides of the hammock.

2003-05-12, 14:41
I've also abandoned the fitted tarp and now rig an ID eight by 10 silnylon tarp over the hammock. This gives me all the water tight integrity I could want plus it provides a skookum cooking shelter. Sometimes I attach the tarp to the hammock ridge line but generally I tie it off a little higher up the tree. This pretty well eliminates the problem of tarp sag and excess flapping that occurs as I settle into the hammock.


2003-05-12, 15:44
I have several lenghty posts on this and whiteblaze on not only HH fly extentions but a home made hex fly for the H.H. expedition 2.5!

I have made extentions, removable by velcro, and its just too much hassle. Cutting, edging, sewing, and seam sealing is too much work, and all it does is add extra weight! I found that making a fly shaped like a hex and making it out of silnylon, it would not only DOUBLE the protection(the actual size of the fly would double), but it would weigh 1 oz LESS than what it is currently. I will update the instructions that are on this forum under "Tyvek+ HH Fly". I recently ordered 5.5 yards of silnylon, and will make my new hex fly soon. If you are patient, i will get pictures of completed project and more detailed instructions in how to make it.

BTW, tom and ann hennessy stole my idea! They make a Hex fly now, but there are 2 problems! 1) It is make out of 1.9 oz ripstop, and it weighs 20oz! 2) it costs $50!!!!! Make it urself for $30...and have fun doing it.

Brian- i will get working on this again.

2003-05-13, 08:01
If rain threatened, I would stake out the rain fly so that there was only a small gap between the hammock and the bug netting. I have been thinking about going with an 8 by 5 tarp too, but its really more for sheltering my gear than the hammock.

I am about 8 weeks away from my next trip!

2003-05-24, 07:01
I love the HH so much I bought an extra one and a hammock stand which I now use in my house....and I have found that even inside I still get cold in the HH on the bottom....
the solution to the cold on the trial is a combination of an underquilt and the Garlington Taco....the taco either out of sil-nyl or tyvek also solves the problem of driven rain by encapsulation the bottom of the HH in a waterproof/windproof barrier that holds insulation against the bottom of the HH where it cannot be crushed under your weight....the Garlington Taco in its various forms rules for use with the HH!!